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Marketing is all about promoting goods to potential, regular, existing costumers. Sometimes sales and marketing are lumped together, but in actual fact they are really quite different functions. Jet uses ICT in every aspect of marketing. Jet Card is a business charge card that allows you to take control of your fuel costs. Not only do you receive one monthly VAT approved invoice, giving you up to 6 weeks interest free credit, but you also determine the products that your drivers can purchase. You decide whether your cards are vehicle or driver specific and there are no minimum volume requirements.

No card charges or monthly fees either Today this technology is essential to create a good business. Without I. C. T, organisations like Jet will not have any records of stock orders or any history of the things that were bought by a certain customer or in this case a VAT receipt. Without these aspects Jet and other organisations would fail. Jet petrol station uses I. C. T for a different number of reasons, It is more easier to record and store data on a computer. All the information is on one main internal computer.

Jet uses I. C. T for: -Sales-Purchasing -Finance -Operations Finance Jet uses a TPS (transaction processing system) to keep records of transactions up to date. Here is some information about transaction processing systems: Transaction Processing systems Transaction processing systems are used whenever the master file must be kept up to date. A transaction processing system operates like this : * When a transaction is entered it is placed in a queue of transactions waiting to be carried out. The transactions are processed in the order that they are placed into the queue.

If there are many people using the system at the same time then there could be lots of transactions being made from different computer terminals. Jet also has a connection to the costumers through flyers etc, it uses I. C. T for flyers so they can attract customers in a way that will hopefully bring more sales to the company. As you may have seen, they use a lot of colour, without a computer they would not have been able to achieve this. Website The company also has its own website of which can only be accessed to jet employers and is internally based all around the company, This is good because

Business letters They use business letters so they can let their customers know of their upcoming deals so more people will be aware of the latest deals which is offered by the company, so that the costumers will also bring other people e. g friends and family so that they can get good deals and save money. This would lead the company to more money, which would mean an awful lot of profit. This is done using ICT to format letters and send them to there loyal costumers in a more professional manner. Also, to reply to complaints and to get stock.

E-mail Jet uses e-mail so people can contact them in an easy way. This is to help them keep in touch with other Jet petrol sites, and is easier to send messages to other sites regarding meetings, conferences etc. General Finance Information Managing the flow of money in companies like Jet very important as it is vital to know how much money is coming in the company and vice versa (going out). Company finances are organised by Head Offices. Every Year, Jet petrol stations earn  5 billion out of which i?? 2 billion is profit.

Sales in the UK provide approximately 90% of this 5 billion ( half from petrol and the other from other needs. Information from the site computers is used to work out from the average income weekly, monthly or annually for each store. Collating the income from sites univocally, by county or nation-wide assists in drawing up budgets along side the main office for Jet which is situated in Beacon Fell. This means the strategies that are working can be used elsewhere and others that are less effective can be scrapped.

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