Business letter with those of 3 companies

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The main business logo is positioned in the top left hand corner of the page. The logo consists of the main business logo positioned at a 40i?? angle to the horizontal. The text is formatted in a two tones. The word “copy” is placed in a dark blue color with the word “boards” immediately following it in red. The font used in creating this part of the header could be something based on the “cooper black” font used in word 2000. Below this formatted in an Ariel black font is the word “direct” formatted in red type and widely spaced between each letter.

The word “direct” is also positioned horizontally underneath the word “copy boards”. The words then have a corner border in the bottom left hand corner of the logo itself. This border only covers the right hand side and the bottom and is repeated 3 times. Each time it is repeated it is moved down and right while also being lightened in shade. After the business logo is the header which has been constructed using two lines. The header leads off the right hand side of the logo and stretches the full width of the page.

The top line has the words “copy boards direct ltd” which has been formatted in a dark blue font, justified to the right and placed in a bold times new roman font. The next line of the header consists of the companies address, telephone number, fax number, email address and finally website address. This line is formatted in a light blue font and is placed in a times new roman font. The footer also follows the same style. The footer contains the address of the registered office, registered number and VAT registration no. Below this is the readers address position one line down from the logo and justified to the left.

The reader’s address takes up 6 lines. On the top line off the address, justified to the right, is the date of the letter. All this text is placed in a times new roman font in 10-12pt. There is a one line, line spacing then a bold title in the same font and size but center justified. Another single line spacing is then inserted followed by the opening of the main letter content. The letter opens with dear… that then leads into the main text. The main content of the letter consists of bullets and numbering, italic and bold fonts all formatted in 10-12pt font in times new roman.

Important words and phrases are placed in a bold font whereas the subtitles are left justified and placed in an italic font and underlined. The letter is split up into several paragraphs each with a one line, line spacing from the above paragraph. The letter in closed by “yours sincerely” and the writer signature. Followed by the writers name and position. The TAG document The main business logo is positioned in the top left hand corner of the page. The logo consists of large uppercase lettering with each letter having its own colored background and border.

The letter “T” is positioned in a red square with a 2-line border. The second letter “A” is position in a green square with a 2-line border but 45i?? rotate the square it is positioned in. The logo finishes with the letter “G” formatted in the same way as the letter “T” only with a dark blue back ground. The header then follows. The header is split up into 2 columns. The first column houses a two-line header. The first line has the words “learning limited” in bold type in 14-16pt the second line has the words “at the leading edge of learning” which is formatted in a 12-14 pt font in italic.

Both parts of this title are left justified and place in a times new roman font. The second column of the header contains the business address, which spans two lines; the telephone and fax numbers each on their own lines. And the email and web addresses on two separate lines. Below the logo and header is a large bold title formatted in a bold 14-16pt font, justified to the right. The title spans two lines with the words “-30 day free trail” on the second line. And “unlock the potential of your student” on the first line.

Below this justified to the left is the readers address which spans 6 lines with all the text being formatted in 10-12pt text in times new roman. There are several line spacings before the main content of the document is introduced. The document opens with “Dear… ” before the main content of the document continues. The document opens with a title, which is ‘center justified’ and positioned in a bold font. The main text consists of an opening paragraph with the word Inspiration’s formatted in an italic font. After this first paragraph is a selection of short statements each bullet pointed with important statements formatted in bold.

Below this is a “paragraph, text box sandwich”, two paragraphs surround a text box that is center justified and filled light gray. Inside this text box are the words “save up to 10% if you order today” In a large, bold 14-16pt font. The document closes with “Yours sincerely”, the writers signature, the writers name and the writers position The Letts document The main business logo is positioned in the top left hand corner of the page. The logo consists of large italic lettering in 32-40pt texts in dark blue. Possible fonts for the logo could be Kristen ITC or Bradley hand ITC.

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