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Advertising is a very important subject in both media and the business industry. If it wasn’t for advertising, many products wouldn’t sell as much as would with advertising. Adverts are on/in: radio, television, magazines, newspapers and the internet. You cannot escape it. Sometimes averts are more memorable than the television programme itself. They are very important to the manufacturer. Sometimes it persuades the general public to buy the item. I chose the advert for the Samsung T100 that I found in a copy of FHM.

The words make the advert very powerful and persuasive. The advert uses powerful adjectives such as; outstanding and cutting edge: ‘Blending, outstanding looks with cutting edge technology to deliver a design classic. ‘ The words describe the features of the phone. It reads ‘Polyphonic tones, full colour display, dual screen technology, picture messaging and voice control,’ these features are relatively new and will make the phone more attractive. The last sentence says ‘this is the phone everyone will be talking about.

‘ People will want to buy this, as they like to be known as the person with the most talked about phone. ‘This could increase popularity’ is almost the message that the advertisement gives. A man and a woman are standing, one behind the other each with a Samsung T100 in their hands. They are both wearing fashionable blue clothes. Their clothes are silvery blue, which match the background. The text is in white and pink. The man is showing off his phone by holding it closed in the air. The woman is doing the same but with the phone open.

The phone is of clam shape. Multi-coulored paint is what seems to be falling off the woman’s phones colour screen like a rainbow. The man and woman are both white, slim, attractive and in their early twenties. In the middle, on the right of the advert is the phone that they are advertising. It is silver in colour and open. The phone has the multi-coloured image of rainbow paint pictured on it. The colour coming out of the phone gives an image of being something new because colour phones have not long been out on the market in this country.

This is displayed effectively because ‘everyone will be talking about’ and the effect of the colour phone is displayed well by making colour fall off the screen of the mobile. The product being a sold is the new Samsung T100 phone, which has a digital, colour, TFT screen. The brand name of this product is Samsung. The phone has a clam shape, 22 buttons and is silver in colour. Samsung is a profitable company. This advert reminds me of the television advert for the same model. On the television advert people are dancing around with the phone in their hand and colour pouring off the screen of the phone.

The advert is very colourful and weird, because of this the advert sticks in our minds. Some readers can also relate the printed advert to the television advert. I found this advert in a copy of FHM (For Him Magazine). I think the advert is suited to the magazine because young men read it. At this age, the men are wanting the latest things and to be modern and cool. They rarely have families to provide for and have money to spend. They will look at the advert and think that if they bought that phone, they would be keeping up to date with the new colour phones.

The target audiences for this item is most likely to be people the age of 14-30 because this is the age that they think that they have to have the latest and the most desired items. This advert tries to sell its product by making the advert stand out. There are two young adults who are good looking and fashionable in the advert. This would attract attention and make people read the advert. The two people in the advert are wearing silvery blue and this is nearly the same colour as the background behind them.

The most colourful thing in the advert is the phone, this makes it stand out and has a big effect. Straightaway the readers are drawn to the colour and it is showing how colourful your phone could be. Everybody wants to have the latest and coolest gadgets, they want a stylish, new phone, which is exactly what is being advertised. At first the advert looks great and so does the phone, it makes you want to buy it. It is very persuasive, the line: ‘colour in the palm of your hand’ makes you want to buy it.

But after a while, I realised that it doesn’t give you the information you need such as the price and what accessories can be bought for the phone. If I got this information and the price was reasonable, I would buy it, but if the price was too high I wouldn’t be able to afford it and it wouldn’t sell as well as it would of with a lower price. 2nd advert My second advert is an advert that I found in a copy of FHM (For Him Magazine). The advert is advertising Budweiser Beers. My first impression of this advert was a good one. I think that it is well laid out and cleverly designed.

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