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The business I have decided to set up is a sports bar. Basically, I decided to use this idea, as there are not many sports bars in Coventry, if any that is. The bar will be decorated in sports memorabilia from a number of sports, which will make us, stand out against our competition and also make us unique and therefore memorable. In addition, will show different sports, on the many large widescreen TV’s around the premises, depending on what events are on. Obviously, Coventry City FC will take priority over the rest of the games, as that is more likely to attract more custom.

However, they are hardly on TV anyway, so that should not be a major problem. If for any reason Coventry RFC are on TV, they will also take priority but it is even less likely for them to be on TV than the football team, seeing as they are not very good. We will also cater for large groups, or parties if necessary, as there is a room for function purposes. This will be free of charge because we will still be making money out of the drink that they have bought. I also have a bit of experience as I work in a rugby club, but it will differ slightly but some of the principles are the same, as they show, sport and are open to the public.

I have also chosen this type as many people have done it before and proven successful, but this also means my competitors will be harder. I think there will be a great demand for this sort of pub as I have searched on the Internet for a sports pub in Coventry and to no avail have I found one. This is not to say there isn’t any, but if there is then it can’t be very well known. I have then searched for sports bar on www. yell. com and there has been quite many results come up. Namely, 102, but I doubt that there is this many as I think it is only naming the pubs around Coventry.

I think this because I found it hard to find any sports bars on Google and other websites, yet so many have been found on yell. The business will be aimed at any people who are interested in sports basically. These people will be generally of a younger age, and quite probably male. As there are more people of this age ; gender who enjoy and play sports. It will not be aimed at the most wealthy of people, although they will be more than welcome if they wish to come into the bar.

The main sports it will focus on are football and the rugby, but if neither is on then, cricket is a possibility, but this is less likely to draw the crowds, as it is not that action packed or tense. American sports such as American football could be a possibility depending on the sorts of people who are coming into the business, as I have previously mentioned the people choose the sports, not the staff, unless a Coventry or any of the home nations are playing in rugby or football. There will not be much advertisement, apart from an advert in a few of the local newspapers announcing the launch of it.

Any other type of advertisement would be fairly pointless, and not cost effective. For example having an advert on TV, magazine or national newspaper, as the advert will only apply to those who are in the same area. Staff will obviously be needed to help keep the business running from day to day; the business will employ people on full-time and a part-time basis as well as employing them from another business. The staff who are working on the full-time will be the more senior staff. The part time staff will be called in when there is a big match on TV and/or there is a lot of custom expected.

The people who will be contracted from another business will be the cleaners, as these will only be needed for about an hour before opening to make sure the place is in a fit state to trade. All staff will not be employed right away, as this will prove quite costly, especially if training is needed. Employing staff will increase the initial costs but, on the other hand, the right people can make all the difference to the success of the business. Business Name The name of my business will be Kicke, as this plays on the word kick, which is to do with most sports.

However, kick by itself is a bit boring so I added the ‘e’ to the end of it to make it stand out more. I have searched Kicke into Google and it hasn’t brought up any relevant results to what I’m looking for. It will also stick in customer’s minds, as well as being easy to pronounce. The above screen print is from a website called companieshouse. gov. uk, which basically has a list of all the registered business which are trading in Britain this is good because it pretty much eliminates all chance of there being another business called Kicke.

The website states that names cannot be used if they will cause offence to another person. Aims & Objectives All the will have to follow the same rule of SMART ( Specific (Stating exactly what has to be achieved), Measurable (Able to be measured to see if they have been achieved within the time limit), Accurate (Everyone in the business agrees with the aims and knows how to achieve them), Realistic (Able to be achieved after taking into account resources, competition and market), Timed (State a time by which they should be achieved)).

The aims and objectives are important to the business as they produce guidelines into what the business is planning to achieve in the coming period, this will show the staff what they are working towards and also prompt the manager to try and boost a part of the business if they are falling short of their aim. The objectives of the business are smaller aims that help to achieve the bigger aims, they are kind of stepping stones to the bigger project, as the diagram shows below.

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