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My task given in this assignment is to describe four functional areas for my two organisations which are Carphone Warehouse and Oxfam International and relate how their functions operate in the two businesses. I will also include a brief description of the two organisations and add their purpose within their business. Carphone Warehouse Carphone Warehouse is one of the most self-sufficient, recognised leading mobile phone retailers in the United Kingdom. Their main purpose is to provide a range of goods along with quality services such as mobile phones, laptops, internet broadband, delivery etc.

at profit in order to sustain their business. They are a public limited company under the private sector, owned by shareholders and run by the directors. Carphone warehouse a large organisation with over 21,380 employees across Europe and their scale of business is across Europe. Functional Departments Carphone Warehouse success lies within their functional departments, these departments helps them to maintain their business and ensure that all important business activities are carried out effectively. Without these functional areas in the business, Carphone Warehouse could face vital problems.

Functional departments are areas that help the business run the company and help them achieve their overall aim. Carphone Warehouse uses a number of functional departments such as ICT department, Finance department, Distribution department, Marketing department etc. ICT Department This department updates the senior mangers of Carphone Warehouse on technological developments which benefit the company. This department is responsible for storing important data, system security, securing the workplace, creating back-up systems through servers.

This functional area has a significant part in the business as they install, maintain and update the companies’ data. This department helps Carphone warehouse have the important data stored with security and secures the working areas in the business. Finance Department This department deals with all the money invested in Carphone Warehouse. They record all the incoming and outgoing money; this functional area has three roles, each with different duties, which are management accounts, credit controllers and finance accounts.

Management accounts monitor budgets of the department and current income from sales and also produce cash flow statements, credit controllers monitor overdue payments from their customers and work out systems to identify how their customers can pay back the money and finance accounts provide statutory accounts each year. This department is making sure that all the staff working in Carphone Warehouse is getting paid and all the financial problems are taken care of.

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