Business Finance

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Topics covered in the module provide students with a foundation for other subjects and a foundation of professional-specific skills and knowledge. Students are expected to learn and understand Business Finance in the context of integrated business environment. They will be able to analyses the financial function in business and its strategic role in corporate management. They will also develop strong analytical skills and critical thinking.

On successfully completing this subject, students will be able to: Describe the major function of financial managers; Compare investment appraisal techniques and understand the limitations of those quenches; Evaluate the various sources of finance available in Hong Kong; Examine the factors affecting capital structure and dividend policy and their effect on the cost of capital; Interpret the key characteristics of working capital and its individual elements; and Demonstrate how risk and uncertainty affects investment returns.

Introduction Firm’s goals and objectives. Time value of money. Valuation AT crestless Shares and bonds. Cost of Capital Definition and component of cost of capital. Introduction to weighted average cost of capital. PAYOFF (2). Doc (Updated in Jan 08) Capital Investment Techniques Payback. Accounting rate of returns. Internal rate of returns. Net present value. Comparisons of discounted cash flows techniques. Projects with different lives and investment outlay. Capital rationing. Replacement decisions. Investment Decisions under Uncertainty Mean-variance rule.

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