Business Ethics

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Management is in the business world is viewed to be the aspect that very much require ethical approach. This concept is mainly because the aspect of management is concerned with human management and ethical decision regarding the relationship of the individuals in the groups and the general context of their institution as a whole. (CSTS, Internet, 2005) Because of which, it is to be expected that managers must have sufficient and proper approaches regarding their ethical perception of decision-making and its implementation.

Regarding the said issue, there are some fundamental ethical concepts that must be thoroughly implemented in their philosophical approach to ethical management. One of which is the professionalism attitude regarding their personal approach to ethical management. In this context, managers must always keep in mind that their decisions are actually aimed to the development of harmonious work relationship within the group thus detrimental attitudes such as nepotism and discrimination should be negated.

Another is the transparency wherein decision should be made in accordance to the truth with relevant basis. Also, ethical decisions in the management must be made certain to be understood and realized by the members of the groups themselves. Thus, questions and inquiries must also be entertained in this ethical approach. (Kuhn, 2005, 82) However, one fundamental ethical concept is viewed to most critical among all namely the consistency principle wherein the managers must make decision and implement it like how he or she applied it in the previous cases.

In this concept, the philosophical judgment that reigned in the management approach must be stern and just in its nature. With this concept, members of the groups will actually view the manager’s decision to be valid and equal thus making it respectable in their own perspective. Through these fundamental ethical approaches, the management of a certain group or institution can actually maintain the ethical nature in their own group thus prevailing the ethical philosophy among its members, the managers, and the institution’s nature itself.

Definition of the Problem It is very usual in the business world to encounter a problem concerning the ethical aspect of the society wherein a specific situation involves a certain contradiction or complication with the morality and values of the society involved in the certain business sector. In these kinds of situation, the party with the responsibility of making and implementing the suitable decision to address this problem need to critically consider all of the pertinent aspects and elements of the said problem. Ferrell, 2001, 65) One of the elements that is viewed to be very important to be considered is the intensity and impact of the ethical issue that is being addressed. The intensity of the ethical problems that is being faced in the business world manifests as a crucial factor and determinant to the scope of the problem, the solution it requires, and the changes that it can bring to the present system and administration.

One way to view the aspect of intensity is the number of people that the problem involves or to be affected by both the complication itself and the solution it requires. Another view of the intensity of the problem is its duration and complexity determining whether it will bring a major or a minor change in the future condition and/or systematic process of the business. Kuhn, 2005, 87) In addition, the intensity of the problem also involves the social factor to the situation manifesting through the perspective of the society of the company resulting with their solution regarding the ethical problem they are involved with. (Cragg, 2001, 74) Because of the said nature and concepts regarding the complexity of ethical problems, the aspect of its intensity becomes are critically important element to be considered in the process of decision-making.

In addressing the ethical problem in the business world and making the appropriate solution for it, one must significantly consider the future effect of the problem, its influence to the present system of organization and the needed changes, and its impact on the social values and moral determining the cultural personality of the whole business identity. (CSTS, Internet, 2005) All of these concepts make the intensity of the ethical problems that needs to be significant considered in the aspect of making the ethical decision for solving problems.

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