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“The spa industry has witnessed substantial growth in the last decade and the spa concept has become a significant part of the dynamic hospitality and leisure industry, an industry which is dynamic and diverse. Spas, hotels, health resorts and hydros have benefited as consumers have responded to the increased levels of stress in everyday life. “The impressive rates of growth enjoyed by the market in the early part of the decade have seemed to have slowed down but it continues to increase in value significantly each year.

Growth has been driven by increased numbers of people having treatments and a rise in the average spend per head. In the future, rates of growth will need to be maintained by making treatments more affordable and accessible. Champneys (health farm) for example, established a partnership with Sainsbury’s in 2004 for its spa products, a move which has enabled consumers to become more familiar with the brand. Mr Purdew, a director of brand, has been quoted as describing Champneys as:

“It was a Rolls-Royce and we have made it a Mercedes. It was aspirational but it has become affordable. ” With the increased focus on looking good, it seems there will be no shortage of potential customers, particularly women, who seem to have enthusiastically embraced health and beauty treatments. However, the trick seems to be in maintaining their levels of usage of these treatments as part of a regular routine rather than one-off treatments now and again.

Although still rather a niche sector, men represent a key target market for health and beauty salons in the next five years, as it is becoming more acceptable for men to undergo similar treatments to women in pursuit of a better self-image. Older consumers, many of whom have considerable spending power, are generally not being engaged by the health and beauty offer of many salons, yet they show considerable interest in certain treatments, particularly alternative therapies. Therefore, this is another area of potential growth for the future.

Overall before starting up this business, my strategy for success at this stage will be to establish an air tight budget. That will match with my raised capital. Salon Customer Service and Satisfaction is the Key The success of my health farm will be directly linked to me and my employees’ abilities to satisfy every customer. The best way is retaining my existing customers by having them leave happy on every visit, this way my customers can work for me in the way that they will be marketing the business by word of mouth.

Word-of-mouth can be an extremely effective form of organically marketing the health farm. My main goal to customer satisfaction which will to eventually lead to the success of my business to make sure all my employees are professional and courteous and that expert training is given to all employees. Create a Comfortable, Clean and Safe Atmosphere for my Salon/Spa An important point I must make is that customers coming for a relaxing time at my health farm must feel comfortable and stress free from the outside world’s problems.

So it is important that from the point that customers walk through my doors to the point they exit they should be presented with an environment that is clean, safe, comfortable and relaxing. Customers expect cleanliness. By making sure that floors are swept in between customers, making sure towels, trimmers and other equipment are washed and fresh for new customers. I must fit comfortable couches and furniture in waiting areas. Offer magazines and/or coffee table books for reading. Anything I can do to make customers feel more comfortable and relaxing will help retain customers and gain new ones.

The business will require a full time manager. The manager is fully qualified in all treatments, and has a Bachelor’s degree FdA Spa Management with Hospitality. The key shop floor staff identified above will require qualifications in the treatments provided. The business will require two full time members, one with qualifications covering the majority of health and beauty treatments, the other qualified as a gymnasium trainer and fitness instructor. Part-time staff will be arranged for regular peak-time slots.

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