Business Economy

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Conrack is a fairly small private limited company based in Manchester having only 2 retail outlets. The business had made a turnover of i?? 800,000 and allowed a promotion budget of  15,000 in 2004. Eco-Store is a national company with a chain of stores throughout the country. It had mad a turnover in 2004, of over i?? 200 million pounds. Both companies focus on being eco-friendly but may have a completely different choice of medium when coming to advertising. One factor that may influence the choice of medium is the size of each business.

Conrack is fairly small whereas Eco-store is nationalised. Therefore it would be realistic for a company like Eco-store to advertise in National newspapers. This way millions of people will be able to see the advertisement and it will allow Eco-store to build its ‘home nature’ reputation highly. It can also be seen that the rapid growth from 1990-2004 will allow them to have the budget to do this. Conrack on the other hand may opt for a fairly low budget campaign of leaflets.

This way local people of the community can see what the company is offering and may prefer buying from them. The leaflet will also be able to incorporate managing director, Kim Barnett’s aim of ‘thought provoking advertisements’. This could be done in a number of ways for example using recycled paper to show how Eco- friendly the company is. Another factor that may influence the medium of each company is budget for promotion. Conrack, a company which is still growing has a smaller budget than the nationalise Eco-store.

Conrack may therefore be more likely to advertise in the local yellow pages whereas Eco-Store may be looking in the various bigger mediums such as television. This medium is considered to be very expensive and Conrack may not consider to take this approach as in 2004 there promotion budget was i?? 15,000 and television advertising is more in the region of i?? 50,000. The next factor which may influence the choice of medium for both businesses is the target market for its products.

Conrack’s target market is seen as local people whereas Eco-stores Target market is people from all around the country. This could result in Conrack advertising in the local newspaper and Eco-store in a national newspaper. Both of them suiting the respected budgets. In conclusion there are many factors both businesses may look at in coming to an appropriate decision when looking to advertise. The most important factors are the budget and target market of the products. When the businesses have considered these factors they may choose the appropriate method to suit them.

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