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Giving facts of Cardiff bay during world war II. And how it was affected and the result. To inform people on the way the school is run and what achievements it has done over past years and why it has become a maths and computing college.

Target audience Students wishing to attend Broadoak school. Visitors of Cardiff. Writing style and tone The writing is very plain, sticks to one colour which is black and the writing is formal English.

Bright colours of all different text sizes on colourful backgrounds with bright pictures, the writing is also formal English.

Presentation style Plain and standard; not much to it at all. Bright and appealing with lots of pictures. Layout It is set out on a standard A4 sheet in plain writing with dark colours Set out very brightly as a result of good use of colours and folded in 3 for a more convenient way of carrying in peoples pockets and looks smarter.

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