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Sainsburys is the longest running food supplying chain in England. They also have interests in financial services. Sainsburys’ goal is to provide nothing other than serving the customers and to bring a steady income to the shareholders. The main objective is to deliver an ever-improving quality of shopping to the consumer. Size Sainsburys has a large amount of retail stores in England, and has a retail bank that has a partnership with The Bank of Scotland.

With just over eight hundred stores they have a big chunk of the market share, with 15. 9% they are the third largest supermarket behind Tesco (31. 5%) and Asda (16. 8%). Ownership Sainsburys is a public limited company; this means that you can buy shares in the company on the stock market. At the moment there are 6 major shareholders; Qatar LLC, Lord Sainsbury of Turville, Tchenguiz discretionary trust, legal and general group Plc and Credit Agricole Cheuvreux international ltd. Scale

Sainsburys is a national company with over 800 stores in Great Britain; they also have various other subsidiaries; Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd and Sainsbury’s Convenience Stores Ltd. Reading Buses Purpose Reading buses purpose is to make public transport in Reading easier, more comfortable and safer. They pledge to make sure that buses are on time and everything runs as smoothly as possible. They also pledge to try and make sure if any problems do happen then they can be sorted out as quickly as possible. One of the other goals of Reading buses is to help slow down pollution.

They can contribute to this by making citizens of Reading use the bus service rather than their own car, releasing less gases in to the atmosphere and also causing less congestion on the roads. Size Reading buses only operates in Reading, and has around 450 bus stops placed conveniently around the area. Each bus can carry between 20 and 50 passengers. Ownership The Reading Borough Council owns Reading buses in its entirety. This means that it’s a public service. Scale Reading buses is a regional/local company as it operates in Reading only.

Oxfam Purpose The purpose of Oxfam is to end poverty and injustice. They work directly with communities and attempt to influence the better off, wealthier people to help make the poor lead better, more fulfilling lives. They do this because they believe everyone should lead good lives no matter where they come from. Size Oxfam is a large organization that works in almost every country in the world. It raises on average i?? 253 million a year, and this money funds projects to help poor people lead better lives.

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