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Large organisations have strived over the last decade to promote additional entrepreneurial activity and to capture more opportunities than their normal product development systems seem to permit.1 The dialog between entrepreneurs and intrapreneur has been limited to date, but has potential for providing substantial synergy for both efforts. Another topic of the paper is growth firms. This report keeps focus on the importance of growth for firms itself and social benefit: business development and job creation. The author also presents the driving force for the growth, including entrepreneur and other factors in a firm.

This is a literature study. The paper is divided into two main sections in terms of each topic. The author set about consulting the lecture handouts from the course to create a list of points to consider, after which a selection of books from the library were chosen for further study, report outline being upgraded and enlarged when suitable new points were found.

At the same time, a search on the Internet using keywords such as ‘intrapreneurship’, ‘growth firms’ and ‘entrepreneurial corporate’, was carried out, resulting in thousands of pertinent responses being displayed. In making a critical selection, about 80 articles organized as an electronic-formatted literature, including journals, periodicals, and works citations which were found to be of interest to this research. After reviewing and filtering, the researcher recapitulated the main points as stated in the following sections.


World is changing. Traditional management and administrative domain tend to be not appropriative for large corporate any longer. These management styles normally favours conservative decision and emphasises gathering large amounts of data within the operation process. Their hierarchically managerial procedures lack of initiation and tend to be barriers to innovative activity. Therefore, as Sandra mentioned, 2000, we expect to behave in a ‘business-like’ fashion, entrepreneurs to create large organisations and bureaucratic managers to behave entrepreneurially. Actually, early in 1976, in Economist, Norman Macrae predicted a number of trends in business -one of them being ‘that dynamic corporations of the future should simultaneously be trying alternative ways of doing things in competition within themselves’.

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