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Highway nurseries is a private limited company. This means the shares are sold privately and not to the public Business departments Production – changing natural resources into a product and/or supply a service. Highway nurseries produce their own bedding and plant pots this plants are constantly monitored by the staff keeping close attention to temperature and feeding them when needed. When plants have reached full potential they are then sold.

Research and development- all businesses need to research to keep up with what the public want so that they don’t lose out from the competition. here is no particular research department at Highway nurseries. The two leading directors of highway nurseries research into other businesses and visit similar establishments to get an idea of how their competitors are going Marketing- seeing to customers needs. Sometimes to sell your product you must persuade or remind potential customers about that product and why they need it. This can be done through good marketing strategies. Advertisements “cold calling” on the telephone could be one way of starting a good marketing strategy.

Highway nurseries does not really have a marketing strategy as such, all employees are trained well so that they can advise or persuade the customer what to buy. Also Highway nurseries has a friendly advertisement on the local radio. Occasionally highway nurseries put in advertisement in the local newspaper. Finance- Deals with the control of money and keeping records of profit and loss. Also involve in the distribution of wages There is no financial department at Highway nurseries instead an accountant come in once a week and checks the income and the profit. Also any new projects are discussed with this accountant first to see if it can fit into the budget

Human resources-deals with the hiring and firing of staff members, staff training. At highway nurseries the two leading directors deal with the hiring and firing Administration- deals with mail handling, data storage, computer services the publishing of newsletters forms compliment notes. Highway nurseries complex provide a large administration office. The office deals with the work rota. Enquiries are sent to administration also. This office also stores all the details of the employees on the computers

Communication in business Without communication the world as we know it could not possibly exist. This is also true in businesses. If a business does not communicate properly then it simply will not exist.

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