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Dubai is one of the 7 emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. It is the second largest emirate after Abu Dhabi. Although it started of as a trading port for fishing and pearls it is a rapidly developing country, with a lot of competition. The estimated population of Dubai is approximately 4. 7 million. This is the second highest after Abu Dhabi once again as Dubai is smaller in size and can accommodate fewer people than Abu Dhabi. Dubai has a lot of tourist attractions like Mall of the Emirates which is the largest mall in the Middle East. Tourism is a key factor in the economy of the UAE.

Bur Dubai is considered the largest of the local areas. It currently is home to many young professionals and families in Dubai. Its central location makes it an ideal place to live for accessibility for work and leisure. My idea is that a cinema should be opened up in Bur Dubai. At the moment the nearest cinema is the Grand Cineplex beside Wafi. This cinema can sometimes be inaccessible due to the heavy traffic along the Road. Also if you use the toll road on Garhoud Bridge this will either require a salik tag or if going by taxi will incur a further 4dhs for the privilege.

At the moment there is a Cinema in Bur Dubai called Plaza but only shows low budget films. It is located near the Bus station and opposite Carrefour. It is very under funded, looks very drab and not very eye-catching. It is also under promoted and does not show any current films. Unless you were visiting something else in the area you would be unaware that it even existed. The food court is very limited and sells just the basic food. You also have to purchase your ticket outside. Which on the rare occasion it does rain or the extremely hot weather can make this unbearable which may deter custom.

The interior has a lack of modern design and looks plain and boring. Also the seats are extremely close together and very uncomfortable. So taking this in to consideration I think there is a great niche in the market for a cinema in Bur Dubai making by business idea very successful. The main competitors would be again the Grand Cineplex near Wafi, Also there is a Cinestar located in Deira and Mall of the Emirates. These cinemas attract a substantial amount of customers due to there excellent location. They are a reputable company within Dubai and have superb facilities.

They have a range of various food options including different flavour fresh popcorn, Crepes, Nachos, corn etc. They also offer ice Creams, sweets and a range of beverages. The seats are comfortable and inviting. The di?? cor is neat and tidy and there is lots of promotion of new releases. It is also heavily promoted outside with leaflets and flyers. This is the collection of data that is collated by the researcher. It is reliant on yourself and yourself only. The researcher is solely responsible for gathering the information accurately and efficiently.

This can be done in the form of questionnaires, interviews etc. Advantages and Disadvantages of Primary Research There are a few advantages and disadvantages of Primary Research. Firstly, primary research is reliable as you are the only one who has access to the results so there is no risk of tampered or bias results from another party. On the other hand, it is very time consuming as you are primarily responsible for collating all the data. Another advantage of Primary Research is also that it is up to date and specifically relevant to the project in hand.

A disadvantage of Primary Research is that there is the possibility you may forget to collect a particular type of valuable data and will then have to return to collect the information. Secondary Research This is information collected by someone else. This is done through the internet, research of books, journals etc. Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Research There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of Secondary Data. Firstly, it is fairly easy to access especially through the technological advances of the internet.

But a disadvantage for Secondary Research is that you cannot guarantee that is up to date information. It may have been collected some time ago and with the fast pace changes in society it may be completely irrelevant. Another Advantage of Secondary Research is that it is less time consuming. As you are not responsible for physically going out and gathering the research. Thus giving you more time to spend on your project. Another disadvantage is that you may not find the exact information you are looking for.

Many researchers tend to use Secondary research as it is cost effective. The type of research that I am going to carry out is primary research as I am going to hand out questionnaires and if possible interview somebody related to my study. I have decided to do this because my information will be reliable and up-to-date. I won’t have to rely on somebody else information. My questionnaire will be tailored towards my project and be specific to analyzing the market. This in turn will help me decide the best way forward for my business plan.

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