Business Communication Lecture Notes

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Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s culture is superior Stereotyping is predicting particular groups or class behavior Xenophobia is a fear of strangers. Slide 12 Positive Attitudes Cultural Pluralism: Acceptance of Other Cultures Acknowledge Distinctions Avoid Assumptions Avoid Judgments. Slide 13 Cultural Context Cultural Context: Physical Cues, Environmental Stimuli, and Implicit Understandings Conveying Meaning. Slide 14 High-context Culture: Message is communicated indirectly (nonverbally) Low-content Culture: Message is communicated directly (in words). Slide 15 Oral Presentations Similar to Writing:

Analyze Purpose and Audience Gather Information (Research) Adapt to the Occasion and Audience Limit Scope. Effective Introductions Arouses Audience Interest: Uniting on a Common Goal Asking a Question Telling a Story Fact Revealing. Slide 17 Builds Speaker Credibility, Win Trust State Qualifications & Purpose Mention Accomplishments Keep Comments Simple Previews the Message. Slide 18 To Preview Presentation: Summarize Main Idea Identify Supporting Points Indicate Order Points to be Developed. Slide 19 To Arouse Interest: Show Listeners How Subject will Affect Them as Individuals Tone of Introduction & Talk Should Match

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