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Describe any situation in your experience where decontamination was a failure. Analyze the barrier(s)which stood in the way of successfulcommunication. Explain how you would overcome tiebreaker(s). Situation where Communication was a failure to me: As an Associate Manager, I was a sender for a communication entertained to be received by my executives. ‘ have sent the following communication to my extraterrestrials a notice and displayed on the notice board:”Coming Second

Saturday to complete our targets for tenement a review meeting is arranged and all should attend. If any executive is not able to attend should find out the contents of the meeting from their peers without fail”. But my communication went wrong and out of 1 Executives, only three executives have attended at 4. 00 PM whacked-in with me at the time of the meeting. Following were the barriers of communication which stood the way of my communication:

The “Channel” I have chosen did not ensure the receipt the communication by “Receivers”. The communication lacked the “Chronological context”. Touchstone Saturday being a non working day. The communication has created a “Psychological noise” bonny mentioning correct time of the meeting and confusion been created. The “social context” also is one of the cause for defaulter of the communication as I have not taken all Muscovites into confident by giving any differentiation or a intention of the meeting earlier

Lessons learnt in order to overcome these barriers of communication: My communication was unclear by not giving exact time of meeting. The media I have used is the placing the notice on the motherboard, instead had I circulated to all the receivers maintained their signatures by asking their availability referenced my communication would not have failed. L have chosen a wrong day a holiday though the task was routine one. L could have maintained good relations with my executives success of my communication

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