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My choice of communication used was also crucial for the success of convincing the chosen staff to come on the Prague trip. For example, poor communication can result in low numbers of people wanting to go on the Prague trip, so the most appropriate type of communication had to be used to convince the teaching staff members to go on the trip as much as possible. Therefore, formal communication was the most suitable way of informing the staff about the trip. These methods included paper based communication methods like letters and electronic based communication like presentations.

The advantage of using this method is that it will allow for coherent communication of the event to the staff in a professional way. For example, the standard documentations like professional appearing letterheads on the letters can create a good image for the year thirteen business team. However, the disadvantages of using this method may be that they are time consuming compared to informal communication, which is almost instant.

Unfortunately, the year thirteen business team had limitations as to how much time they could use to promote the event, and were therefore subjected to time constraints. Also, the group had financial constraints and was limited to a small budget to promote the Prague trip. Letters required signature approval by people who were heading the event, including the party leader Miss Carter and Miss Crook, who had the legal responsibility to ensure that Marlborough school trips are approved at every level. This can be time consuming since the letters will have to be passed and endorsed through all these appropriate authorities (for example, Miss Crook), before it can be sent off to the chosen staff members.

Letters are treated as external communication, and so they would also require posting. Therefore stamps will have to be bought, meaning money would have to be used to cover the costs of sending these letters to the staff. As a result, a quicker and cheaper means of informing the staff about the Prague had to be used. Therefore, invitations were decided as the most effective way of executing this. With Information and Communication technology, it is possible to communicate instantly via the internet, as well as creating electronic documents with specialist software including ‘Microsoft Word’, that can be printed out instantly.

The benefits I gained from using computing technology to create invitations for staff, such as being able to take advantage of the ‘spelling and grammar tool’, which can correct words and sentences typed up incorrectly. Also, it was quick and professional looking, so money was saved not having to go and purchase already made invitations. However, money had to be spent to print the invitations out in colour, and it was 25p per sheet in colour. Despite invitations being a fast form of communication, it was still time consuming as there was a long queue in waiting to use the colour printer in the school Library. Overall, it was far quicker than using letters and cheaper since envelopes, stamps and paper would all have to be paid for just to post one letter to a staff member.

I took advantage of the specialist software ‘Microsoft Office Publisher 2007’ to create the staff invitations. There was a wide range of specific invitation templates to choose from such as for events, fundraisers, celebrations and birthday parties: As a result, it made it quick and easy to create suitable invitations for the teaching staff. The following is a screenshot example of the finished invitation which was given to the staff members:


Promoting the Prague Trip to the AS level Business Students Communication Informal communication had to be used to announce the Prague trip to the year twelve business students i.e. word of mouth. This was to find out quickly and generally, how many of the year twelve business students wanted to go on the Prague trip. Making the year 12 business students aware of the Prague trip took place at 24th September 2007.

However, the use of formal communication including letters was not suitable. This was because a general response rather than a definite one was needed about people who wanted to go on the Prague trip. Therefore, the year twelve business students did not have to be informed about the Prague trip formally since they were internal stakeholders (i.e. people within the school who have an influence on the plans of the Prague trip), and so writing a letter would be unnecessary.

Allocation of roles

At first the team leader Miss Carter was going to choose one person to inform the year twelve business. However, because promoting the Prague trip in a clear and marketable manner was so crucial for the success of its popularity, others had to volunteer to accompany those informing the AS level students about the trip. This was because some of the team members were not confident enough of talking in front of a large group, so others accompanying them can give them a confidence boost. Therefore, the team members involved in promoting the Prague trip were: Laura Port, Adam Mead, Sunil Rajput, James Dillon, Joe Medlin, and Adrian Daniels.

The announcement

Notice was given to the whole group by the event head organiser, that the lower sixth form business studies students were divided into two separate classes at two different times; an afternoon class and a morning class due to their great size in total. Therefore, the event head organiser proposed that three group members must inform the morning class and another three people must inform the afternoon class (Adrian Daniels, James Dillon, and Joe Medlin). Also, Louise Conyard unexpectedly turned up to inform the year twelve students about the trip as well. As a result, the marketing of the Prague trip to the year twelve business students was very successful as a majority both the morning and afternoon groups put their hands up agreeing to go on the Prague trip.

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