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Sainsburys have numerous ways on how they converse with each other to match targets and achieve aims. The mission statement being ‘delivering products of outstanding quality and great service. ‘ This statement made by the group portrays their main aim being offering the best possible business to customers. By accomplishing these aims it would enable them to gain higher market share and have greater monopoly than rivals.

Communication takes place in vast ways in outlets verbally and other communication links as trends in technology has uploaded the need for swifter communication equipment. Internal Communication All businesses would need to plan up a good and realistic method of communicating to one another. Within the outlet meetings are held on a weekly basis with department managers and other staff. These meetings are designed to show how well each department is performing and if they are meeting set targets. It would help on arrangements to what can be done to become more successful.

This has its strengths, although it would keep conflict minimal between different areas on arrangements, benefit everyone involved taking part in the meetings. It may benefit upcoming employees for the business-based reason that they may have great ideas on new layouts for their department or better shelving equipment. Referring back to the Sainsburys mission statement this would be a positive way of interaction with one another for the simple reason that it helps ideas become into play but financially it’s a profit gain.

Employees that work on the ground floor can influence the business just as a manager. However I find this to be a risk in the sense they might not agree on a new idea and problems may arise from this causing strikes if job cuts or salaries being dropped. All departments would have telephone systems and mobile operated cell phones where they keep in touch within areas of the outlet. It maybe that the alcohol department needs more staff and may ask a different section if they would supply him the worker.

Human resources would keep in touch with all departments that may take place over the phone more commonly with meeting with the department managers. There would also be notice boards with information to be followed or any other issues that need implementing. These types of activities are vastly importantly as time is money for a company of that size. This would limit productivity time, may lead to angry customers that would totally be against there objectives. Verbal communication takes place daily may that be with supervisors to employees or a manager to H.

R for recruitment purposes. They’re much strength to verbal communication as it does help to solve problems, which may be occurring, and point out mistakes that maybe taking place. Employees may be doing something wrong in their work and the supervisor will point it out to them so hazards are not occurring. So there is very different ways of communicating taken part inside the business but all help to keep the business going to some extent. External contacts Any retailing business would have to affiliate with suppliers, banks, customers and shareholders.

Referring back to the mission statement and aims it is liable to say that keeping close accounts with these different contacts would help on many productive levels. However, I believe it to be capitalising as higher profits helps businesses keep above rivals but more importantly higher market share. More importantly communication plays an effective role in helping the business meet its aims and objectives. Here in this part I will explain how outside influences can create problems but also have positive impact on the company of done right.

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