Business Case development for a new stadium for Arsenal Football Club

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The proposal focuses on the new stadium prospects. The Arsenal Football Club is looking forward to construct a new stadium at Ashburton Grove. Arsenal is one of the most famous and widely supported football clubs in the world. The main driver behind the project will make Arsenal leave their traditional home in Highbury, where have been based since 1913, is the clubs desire to increase the capacity of the ground, The construction of a new 60,000-seater stadium will address this problem.

As well as the stadium itself, the contract includes the construction of three bridges over railway lines, roads and site buildings, a new waste recycling centre and council depot, offices and the new Arsenal Community Sports Centre. Opportunity Available The Arsenal Football Club enjoys support from its enormous fan base around the globe with interest in the team spreading from its traditional European base to encompass huge support in Asia, as well as in Australia and the American continent. The stadium in Highbury which has 38,500 seats is significantly below that of some of the main rivals.

The increasing in revenues from ticket sales for the new stadium will bring lots of stresses to competitors, Manchester United for example. Potential Solution The stadium itself is but one element of the overall project. There will be a wider development around Lough Road, with the provision of new housing, including affordable provision and a sealed waste and recycling plant. Community healthcare facilities including a primary healthcare centre and a children’s nursery will also be constructed.

Public transport improvements will also be undertaken as part of the project. The scheme is projected to create 1,800 jobs, over 2,000 new houses and invest approximately i?? 400m into the area. During the construction phase of the four-tier structure, energy use will be minimised by choosing, where practical, materials that are less energy intensive for manufacture. Rainwater will be collected and stored for reuse in irrigation and toilet flushing. By reusing and recycling all demolition waste the project aims to reduce concrete and ferrous landfill waste by 70%.

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