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In this section I will collect document pieces from a range of companies so I have wide variety of information to analyse. I can use this information to find out about different Writing styles and presentation types. I will carefully consider the use of language when studying the documents so I know how to do mine. 1b. For this task I will use Microsoft word to produce a portfolio of original document for the company that I choose. I will give a lot of thought and consider the image that I wish to project for the company.

I will show all my ideas and developments before producing my final designs. I went to many different organisations and companies to get hold of business cards, compliment slips and letterheads. Altogether I managed to collect 56 business cards, of which the best ones were organised and stuck into the business cards section. They were organised into certain groups so they could be compared easily. I collected four compliment slips from Polifirm, Total Pest Control, Protec and Danesholme Junior School.

These were stuck into the compliment slip section under headings to explain how they are set out. I collected eight letterheads from Danesholme Junior School, Mogill Landscapes, Brikat technical services, Elliott, Cable and wireless, Symphony, Mercury communications and Eurotel. I have good understanding of how the three types of document can be set out and presented well. This will help me to produce my documents with accurate, well-presented information.

I also collected two types of document from three companies. These can be seen in section two, in the formal report, along with an analysis of each. After looking at the business cards collected I considered many different ideas for my own. The cards I looked at were all a similar size so I figured that I should do mine the same, 8. 5cm by 5. 5cm. Most of the cards were landscaped so I thought I should do this as well to keep with the trend and make it obvious that it’s a business card.

The business card is a very important document as it can hold important details such as addresses, telephone/fax numbers, web site addresses and other employee information. I will make sure that my business card has all the relevant details but not too much information. Otherwise it could become very cluttered looking and unprofessional. The idea is to project the best image possible so it is important that it is done to a high standard. I decided to do this business card in black and white to see what sort of effect I could get when it was plain and simple.

I wasn’t pleased with the outcome, as it didn’t look as professional as I would have liked. The background was left white. After researching the other business cards I realised that the name was always bigger than the other information on the card and was always bolded. I did this on the business card and also used a black background as this made it stand out very well and gave a good effect. I decided to use the font Bradley Hand ICT, as I wanted to use a fancy, professional looking text and this showed both qualities.

I used the same font all the way through because it could have looked messy if I had changed it. I put “Jane” in the top left hand corner, size 14 text. Below this I put the address in size 7 text. In the top right hand corner I placed the phone, mobile and fax numbers. This set up was very similar to many of the other business cards I had researched on. Overall I am unhappy with this card, as I didn’t give the image I had hoped to give. I think this card would look much better with a coloured background as it would be more noticeable and look more professional.

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