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Another cold wet Wintry day, strolling around The Glen shopping centre, debating what to have for lunch. I realise it is Saturday, and Shira Nui is open for lunch! All it takes is a quick phone call to confirm and book.

Because this is a sushi restaurant, our choices are easy. A Sushi Lunch Special and a Sashimi Lunch Special, oh and send us a plate of wagyu beef yakiniku. Yum!

The chawan mushi arrived first, and it was the silkiest, smoothest savoury egg custard I have ever had, again :) The chicken broth on top was rich and very tasty. So tasty, yet so hot, I burnt my tongue.

This was followed by 2 cold starters, a chewy crunchy konnyaku with a sesame sauce, and a peppery spaghetti salad with a light mayonnaise.

Then comes the beef! There is no better way to serve marbled wagyu beef that to sear it quickly, yakiniku style, to give it a nice burnt colour and melt some of the fat. Of course, the lesser cuts can be made into burgers, etc, but sometimes, we need a bit of luxury.

The fish is good as always, and today’s sashimi included hiramasa kingfish, wild barramundi, tuna and salmon. The kingfish with shisho was good, but surprisingly Suzuran’s kingfish sahimi seemed fresher with a distinct crunch to the flesh. The barammundi was good too, but the tuna, was soft, smooth and buttery. Very good! As always, the offcuts from the fish were tossed into the salad, dressed with sesame oil and vinegar.

On the sushi platter we had cod, according to Nishikura-san, salmon, tuna, wild barammundi, hiramasa kingfish, prawn, tamago (egg omelet). All very good.

Even on such a Wintry day, Shira Nui was full. For both sessions. Both the tables, and the counter were full. It is obvious that bookings, even on the day, are essential.

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