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Managers make phone calls to each other within the company and also with other members like directors, supervisors and the head offices. This is usually used when a quick reply is needed and no hard copy required. They also have internal phoning systems for the workers to communicate with themselves. The security guards also use this system. Customers also can communicate with the customer service by phoning them for enquires so the lines are always busy. Managers also use fax machines in the company to send information to each other especially if it requires a hard copy.

It is also quicker for the company and cost effective. Letters are first word processed on the computer then scanned in the fax machine and sent the appropriate person. Customers can also use this type of communication through the public fax numbers the company has got. E-mail is the fastest and cheapest way of communication in the company. All the top personnel in the company have got e-mail addresses. The share holders can also be in direct contact with the directors or managers by e-mail. In the UK many households have access to Tesco home shopping and it’s already the world’s number one on-line grocer.

There cooperate website allows their customers to register online and shop for goods. It also allows them to check out special offers and find out information about the company. The website allows customers to e-mail the customer service department about enquires, information and what the customers want. They try there best to reply back to their e-mails, but they get hundreds a day and cannot reply back to all of them. Tesco uses Electronic Mail the most frequent way of communicating with their suppliers. This allows them to order for goods by using the Internet and the goods arrive quicker. Texting

The working staff of Tesco tends to use the means of texting but the managers don’t really use it as a major way of communication. They use in situations like when they are passing on messages from supervisors to one another, when they are communicating together as friends and if there is any urgent thing to say. Mobile phones Like phones, managers and use mobile phones to call up their colleagues especially when they want to talk to a specific person since all of them hold their own mobile phones. They are the kind of phones that the security guards also use to co-ordinate security on the premises.

Videos Tesco has video sessions which they can arrange for workers to inform them about any new changes made in the company. They also use them as a way training new recruits as a lot of information can be said and learnt within a short period of time and very cheapFrom the chart above, we see that Tesco uses a chain type of communication channel. Information is sent from the head office down the hierarchy to the appropriate people. All the commands come from the head office. The people down the hierarchy just carry the tasks as told or pass them on to their final destination.

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