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Argos Retail Group (ARG) is the UK’s leading general merchandise retailer with a multi-brand, multi-channel offer. We provide consumers with exceptional value and the widest possible choice of what to buy, how to buy it and how to get it home. ARG enables consumers to match the shopping experience to their own needs and lifestyles. Homebase became part of ARG in November 2002. It is the UK’s second largest DIY retailer, with a staggering 40,000 products available in over 280 stores throughout the UK. Homebase serves over 1. 5 million customers each week and is recognised for its imaginative, stylish and modern ranges.

The Role You’ll look after four senior managers of the Merchandise department, providing both with a comprehensive personal secretarial and administrative service. You’ll prepare their correspondence, presentations and proposals as well as taking minutes at weekly meetings, managing their diaries, dealing with invoices and purchase orders, booking hotel accommodation and managing filing systems. You’ll also regularly send information and requests for information by email and chase managers for responses. The Person You have an excellent grasp of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Outlook.

Screening calls , you’ll use common sense in dealing with and prioritising enquiries and accurately taking messages. And you’ll thrive in a busy working environment, happy to multi-task, manage your own workload and deal with the unexpected. Apply on line www. ArgosCareers. com I believe that I have the right skills and qualities to apply for the above job position of a merchandise administrative assistant; it requires the applicant to have the following skills I. T is very important in administrative that is data process English is also important to read.

I will describe the duties that I would have to carry out for the Cashier Job role that I have identified they will be collecting money from the customer. Stoning information till like the money and greet the customer helping customer. Giving the right change. Speaking to customer what they need storing the product on bag. Collecting the money form the begging to the end and how mush product (D1) My favourite job role from the three I have identified is The job that I have chosen is stock control. I have chosen this job because I like the type of work that I will get to do.

I also believe that I will be good if I am enjoying where I am working. I will need to store out the goods and make sure that we don’t run of stock. This is a responsible job and I am a responsible person, so this is type of work will suit me, if I had this job it would be my dream and I would appreciate working for the company I have always dreamt of. My skills are especially needed and suited to this job role because stock control need Maths, communications and strength and I believe that I have all the skills that are needed. Stock controls needs good communication so they will control everything and never get mixed up with the stock.

Maths is very important in stock control because there will be big large products which needs to be counted, which is why Maths is required. (P3) The different organizations that represent my three job roles are A charity for Oxfam. A partnership for John Lewis and a Plc for Argos group, these companies and their organizations all sell different products and services. Oxfam products & services are and they are located at Oxfam locations-Marlow-south east, we focus on the people who donate their time, money and their gifts as well as creating a presence.

John Lewis products and services are and they are located at wait rose Cheltenham, in return you can look forward to in stor discounts at wait rose and John Lewis department stores, pension and fire week holiday after three years service. Argos retail group product and services are and they are located at Argos retail group (ARG) is UK’s leading merchandise retailers with a multi brand, multi-channel offers. We provide consumers with excel manual value and the widest possible choice of what to buy.

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