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Which of the political tactics discussed in this chapter are evident in this case? Information strategy which businesses seeking to provide government policymakers with information to influence their actions has been used, described as traditional political strategy (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). Writing letter campaign, sending of e- mails, and making telephone calls, as well as black out can be considered as this strategy. The blacking out action was very effective in the end. Why were the political tactics used by the new media so effective in this case? Because on the censorship day of the U.

S, which critics created, many of new media impasses, like Wisped, blacking out their website to protest SOPS. This way many of their website users will get irritated since the websites are shut down, and they will start blaming the roots of the problem, which is SOPS. Would the effectiveness of these tactics vary, depending on the political issue at stake? Yes, it will vary; it depends on what political issue it is. For some bill, for example, if the government is trying to make a new law about preventing global warming, yet it does not matter even if some environmentally unfriendly company did strike, it is not going to change anything.

What can traditional companies learn from the new form of political activity described in this case? They should learn that the times have changed. They are long past the point where selling stuffs that are downloaded online and trying to protect their own benefit which is old school, they already got left behind. So do not struggle so hard and try to adapt their company to the new era. Resource Lawrence, A. T. And Weber, J (2014). Business-Government Relations. In Lawrence

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