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Such a technique unnecessarily extends the exposure of the fish catch to the elements, where exposure results to imperative increases creating undesirable histamine levels that cause allergies when the fish is consumed. On the other hand, Mega Fishing Corporation (MFC) takes pride in being the first company in the whole of Asia to use the fish pump technology as opposed to the traditional method of using shovels to move the fish into storage compartments in the carrier ships. Because there is no need to use shovels on the fish, the fish pump technology allows less handling of fish by the fishing crew.

The pursuit of freshness and food safety, however, does not stop with the fish pump. The freshness of the catch must be preserved during transport to the canning plant. As such, as opposed to the traditional method of using tubs packed with ice, Mega Fishing Corporation uses insulated plastic storage bins to maintain fish temperature at O degrees, thereby locking in freshness. In net, the use of the fish pump and insulated plastic storage bins are some of the world class technologies that Mega Fishing Corporation has invested in to bring to the market the freshest sardines possible.

As a further testament to the quest for quality and food safety, Loyal Seafood Corporation, the canning plant of Mega Sardines, has been certified ISO 22000 – the first sardines manufacturer in the Philippines to be given such a distinction. The ISO 22000 certification recognizes the ability of Loyal Seafood Corporation to consistently control food safety hazards to ensure that food is safe for human consumption all the time. As such, the ISO 22000 certification ensures that all food products manufactured by Loyal Seafood Corporation pass strict food safety standards, including the flagship Mega Sardines.

The Mega Group of Companies manufactures one of the Philippines’ top sardines rand, Mega Sardines. The Mega Group of Companies is composed of two entities as follows: Mega Fishing Corporation (MFC) is the fishing component of the Mega Group of Companies. Equipped with state-of-the art sonar and fish finders, coupled with the competitive advantage of the Catching to Canning process, the MFC fishing fleet is Business and Marketing Plan By overbalancing instruments I in creating products tot superior quality and preservation of the fish to ensure freshness. Alee that starts Loyal Seafood Corporation (ACS) is the canning component of the Mega Group of Companies. ACS has one of the biggest and most modern canning facilities in Asia. In order to compete globally, ACS has fully automated lines to assure cleanliness. As proof of its compliance with strict safety standards, ACS has been awarded with some of the most stringent and internationally-recognized certifications of ISO 22000, HACK, EH accreditation, USAF, and HA-AL.

MISSION We, the MFC Family, a globally competitive integrated food company, is dedicated to providing high quality, value-for-money products to all customers. We do this through our competent, committed and empowered partners, who mutinously innovate and improve our way of doing things, achieving breakthrough performance for the growth of our MFC Family, while improving people’s lives and help in nation building. VISION MFC is a listed global company, setting the industry standards for performance and innovation, reflected in its products and services being top of mind and market leader worldwide.

We work in a modern paper-less environment, with world class business systems, using cutting-edge technology. We are the employer of choice, providing best compensation, benefits and development opportunities. Our results- oriented partners enjoy working together, driving one another towards rewarded success, with a passion for excellence and continuous learning, integrity, genuine concern and responsibility. We work as a team, respecting each other, and enjoying a balanced life.

Our canning plant is HACK Certified and has HALL certificate. We are accredited for export to EX. And are in full compliance with USAF requirement. Furthermore, we could also supply various variants of sardines, ND offer private labeling exclusively as your company’s request with excellent quality, prompt delivery and competitive price. Mega Fishing Corporation (MFC), is a commercial deep-sea purse seine fishing company based in Sambaing City, which has experience in fishing for more than 30 years.

Mega Fishing Corporation is able to develop market niche in this Southern part of the Philippines. MFC is currently supplying 80% of raw materials for various canning companies both in Metro Manila area and Sambaing. Moreover, it supplies the other parts of Madonna’s fresh fish requirements. MFC own seven sets of commercial deep-sea purse seines totaling 55 fishing vessels. The vessels are fully equipped with high tech sonar and fish finders to have the competitive edge of locating more fish.

Furthermore, MFC has its own 175 meters marginal War, dry-docking and repair facilities; a 360 tons ice plant (considered as the biggest in the whole Mindanao) and 600 metric tons cold storage plant. Modern steam dry fishmeal plant and high-tech sardines canning plant, which are all located in Sambaing City. MFC adheres to the notion of a re-engineered and high performance company to produce a distinct and unique product.

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