Business and Consumer behavior

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Computers and communication technology have affected Business and Consumer behavior significantly in recent years; they have not only enabled us to do things more efficiently; they have also produced unrequited problems. From the moment we born to the moment we retire, we all have a strong desire to communicate. By comparing the society of antiquity to a modern society, we can begin to value and comprehend what the consequences of theses advancements in communication technology have done. Today, computer serves us the central functioning system of entirely every organization and in business in today economic arena.

We rely on computer in every aspects of our life to make bank transactions, to run automobiles and in homes. The members of modern group of business use communication technologies. The people in business who uses computer communicate much faster and effectively. The use of emails can help organize meetings and send out agendas. Payers, cell phones and laptops make the employees more mobile and accessible. Messages can be broadcasted through intercom or over servers so that a secretary does not have to find each individual that needs to get the message.

Managers can also perform more effectively through technology. They can give out presentation through computer. Manager no longer have to be in the same buildings with their workers. Managers have to be in a different state and direct his people located all over the world. This is made possible by the use phone conferences, video conferences and email. Because manager do not have to be near their group, it is more likely their interactions with their staff member are not as personal. The technology has shaped the world in new dimension.

Today, we don’t need to write a letter and post it; we can only just send email through computer. Consumers also used technology to buy goods. Now the consumer does not have to go to shop to buy products, they can do that by sittings at their home and have an access of internet. This gives start to new business that is E business. Consumers can purchase products through this technology. Communications advancement have allowed consumer to do business in the car, in the supermarket, and in dinning establishment. Business has been transferred to the road, so to speak.

People can be reached anywhere at any time, while never having to forgo the business. The Internet is another medium through which communication has been distorted. Through Internet, it now possible to talk with someone in America or U. K. Computers has noticeably extended communication internationally and within our own country as well. Home phones have been replaced by Emails for many individuals, especially college students. The Internet has also become a very aggressive marketplace of business. Now, there are plentiful jobs opportunities have been created in a computer based industry.

The adverse effect is the loss of interpersonal contact in all relationships. I think there could be a possible failure of social attitude change amongst members of an organization, if a work place relies on the accessibility of computers to communicate to employees. One of the biggest insights of the Hawthorne Studies concluded that workers valued interpersonal relationships with their superiors and those workers were motivated to perform by the willingness of their manager to communicate changes and rewards in the work environment.

We must ensure that we do not operate as mere machines of a everyday task. In order to consider the future, we must look to the past. Conclusion Through computer and communication technology, computer has introduced a world a new way of thinking and functioning. While technology is the cornerstone and nucleus of 21st century; communications functions as the fundamental core of human behavior.

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