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The organization also has staff planning issues that need addressing, including planning to replace workers who retire, undertaking a recruitment drive for new employees and providing adequate promotion opportunities within the company. The company has conducted a survey of 48 of their staff, collecting data on these and related issues. Tutorial 1 Page 1 Open the data file Download the file Cinnabar_10th . XSL from Cloudiness. Save it to your hard drive (H: if working from the Decking computer labs) and give it a suitable name such as 10th . XSL. To run the program, select Starts All Programs I Microsoft Office I Excel.

At the top of Excel (Microsoft Office Ribbon), click on File tab, select open 2. Teen Drowse Ana cones ten Conrad Tile. Understanding teeth perform any analysis in Excel, the data must be organized as a data set or data matrix. See Figure 1 below or select the Crowbar-Data worksheet tab. Note the following: Rows: Each row in a data set represents an entity of interest. In this case an employee. The row holds the complete record for a single employee. Columns: Each column represents one field or one variable. For example, the last column holds the weekly salary for all employees in the data set.

Headings: To identify each variable, it is usual to place a heading at the top of each column. Sometimes row traders are also included to identify individual records. Data: The actual data is located in the body of the table Headings Records Figure 1: Part of the Cinnabar data set Data Variables Answer the following questions for the Cinnabar data set: What is an employee? What is ‘Deduces’? The part of the data set shown in Figure 1 shows 10 variables. True or False? Your spreadsheet Page 2 At the bottom of your spreadsheet you will notice five (5) worksheet tabs. See Figure 2 below.

The first two provide background details and explanations about the data set. The third contains the actual data set while the last two are for performing data analysis. When performing any data analysis, you follow the basic steps: includes manipulating the data and Intermediate calculations. Oh I PUP Includes ten Tall results, graphs Ana TA possible to include all three steps on the one worksheet. However, this can easily lead to mistakes and confusing or unrecognized results. It is generally better to keep the three steps separate.

In the Cinnabar spreadsheet, the Cinnabar-Data worksheet notation the data set (INPUT). Generally, no calculations or changes should be made to this worksheet once the data has been entered. All formulas, manipulation of data, summaries, and other intermediate calculations (PROCESS) should be done in the Working worksheet. The Results worksheet holds the final output such as graphs, tables and other key results. Figure 2: Worksheets in the Cinnabar spreadsheet 4. Basic and FORMULA In this step, our aim is to practice working with formulas and functions in Excel.

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