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If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both your instructor and the Office of Support Services for dents with Disabilities, Leafing Hall, Room 205, 420-2411, Room 329, 420-2607 as soon as possible in the term. H.

Please be courteous and arrive for class. Students are required to attend all classes for which they are registered. After two unexcused absences you will receive a grade drop. The student is responsible for fulfilling all course requirements and completion of all course assignments to receive credit for the course. If classes are missed for any reason, the student is not excused for any missed work. The student must request an official withdrawal on or before the official last date for withdrawal or they will receive an A through F grade.

This policy is in alignment with policy stated in the College Catalog, which states: “A grade of “W” will be given to any student who officially withdraws from a course from the beginning of the second week through the end of the ninth week of classes. Withdrawal after the ninth week of classes is permitted only under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the instructor. “New York state Puddle Health sequels all students Door on or rater January 1, 1957 who register for 6 or more credits to prove immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MR.).

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