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Please read the Meghan Sun document under Doc Sharing. What make’s Meghan Sun so attractive to the gambler as well as the manageable in this region? Gamblers are those that are interested in coming to a spot to where they can eat and game at the same time which is the reason why Meghan Sun is so popular and for those that are interested in seeing the shopping side of the resort. When it comes to those that are non-gamblers is attractive to those that don’t like to game but like to e the resort, the shops, and the restaurants.

With over 30 shops and boutiques this would be a place to shop and then have either a lunch or dinner depending on when you were to arrive. While there stay at the hotel and enjoy a spa treatment as well. This is one of the main Casinos on the east coast that would be beneficial to stay at. 2. What are at least three different horse race betting tips? One of the most common and simplest bets would be the straight bet or the single or win bet. This is one of the bets on a winner at given odds.

You only collect your ins only if your chosen horse is the first across the finish line. The second betting tip would be the Place which means that you wager on the place which means that you collect your winnings if your selected horse finishes either first or second. The third betting tip that I would choose would be the combination bet which covers from two to four horses to win in a chosen order. 3. Why has online gaming and betting become so popular? What are some of the pitfalls in gambling online?

When it comes to the idea of gambler that can play their favorite casino game thou going of their residence so they stay home, they don’t need to pay for gas or food and they can dress the way they want and they can drink all they want. Unlike going to the casino where you have a dress code to worry about and pay for gas to get there, the food that you eat while you’re at the casino and the complimentary drinks that come around as well as you can play at any hour. Some of the pitfalls would be that if you are addicted to gambling then online is not for you and is a financial downfall because of the extra bonuses. What is the role of a bookie? How has the image of a bookie become so unethical over the years? The definition of a bookie is a gambler that accepts and pays off the bets. This is common for sporting events by setting the odds placing the money down for the client and paying out the winnings on behalf of the client that you are working for. The unethical side is a bookie would be that he has no expectation to give expert advice from the bookie which is Just an unfair chance that the client could either win or lose. 5.

What are proposition bets? How are they used within a sports event? Our text states that “proposition bets are all the special and unusual bets in sport betting, Like Deleting ten Talent will last X rounds, won well KICK ten TLS Title goal, won will win the coin toss, who will catch the first bass, which team will hit the most home runs, etc. ” (Fox, 2005, peg. 323)How they are used within a sporting event would be 6. Why are point spreads important in sports betting? How could you try to gain an advantage in managing a sports betting line?

Point spreads are important when it comes to betting on sports to even the odds of a sporting event. The goal for a sporting event would be to make sure that the point spread is to even the action on a particular side. If the Jazz have a +3. 7 against the Celtic at -3. 7 which means that the win would be more than 4 points to have the advantage. Reference: Fox, Glibly, Lucas & Wiley 2005. Casino Operations Management 2nd Edition. Casino Management. Retrieved from http://online. Viticulture. Com/books/ 9781118139202/outline/4. 2

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