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Behind the cash registers cables to the computers are laid out on the floor. The electrical socket that is used for the printer / fax and the EFFETE machine appears to have become loose. One of the staff members smells of alcohol, and appears to be under the influence of another substance 1 . A hazard identification template has been provided for your answer. From the above report complete the template. Hazard Possible Harmful Effects Risk Factor- High, Medium, Low Possible Employer Action to Prevent Accident Slippery Floor People slipping over Medium Provide floor mats

Put up warning sign Boxes all around Obstruction of people’s path (25 marks) Manage the place to fit all the boxes according to the needs. Remove from the way Chair without balance Staff might fall over Change the chair to a new one Cables laid on the floor People getting stuck Hide them from people’s way Electrical socket lose High voltage High Change to a new one star near alcohol Incense Behavior might change / can be aggressive Do not allow people drinking before working hour 2. Of the hazards you have identified, choose one that would force you to make wholesale changes to eliminate. (1 mark) Staff under alcohol influence.

This sort of behavior is not accepted and must be totally controlled in order to guarantee that the staff team is sober and have total control of what is being said or negotiated. Plus, the consumption of alcohol during working hours is illegal and can result into a very serious problem with the government or business license. A) How will you ensure that new hazards are not created by the proposed changes, and existing hazards are controlled? (2 marks) It will be guaranteed hat controlling procedures are being made and also e staff members will be prepared to identify and possible hazards that can appear.

Through procedures and monitoring tasks, it will be possible to analyses if new hazards are being created and how effectively the pro-active procedures are being taken. 3. Do you feel there are inadequacies in hazard identification with the above process? Why? (2 marks) No. The hazard identification related to the above process was done efficiently. Therefore, such problems were not supposed to exist once they are simple issues which can result into serious problems to the staff team and customers. It is important for any type of business to guarantee that all basic safety steps are monitored and managed with care.

In other words, the identification proved that the small business was dealing with small issues but very dangerous hazards. Q 4. Who else might you consult with in regards to the above risk assessment process? This includes both the risk created and the control or elimination measure. (2 marks) Work force and previous employees, also officers and regulation apartments might be helpful in order to identify the risk assessment process. Any person that can contribute to reduce risks will be welcome to present an idea regarding what can be done and eliminate the risks involved. . What other procedures could you use for selecting and implementing risk controls? Risk control Example Eliminate Removing the hazard, egg taking a hazardous piece of equipment out of service. Substitute Replacing a hazardous substance or process with a less hazardous one, egg substituting a hazardous substance with a non-hazardous substance. Isolate Restricting access to plant and equipment or in the case of substances locking them away under strict controls. Engineering Redesign a process or piece of equipment to make it less hazardous.

Isolating the hazard from the person at risk, egg using a guard or barrier Administrative Potting standard operating procedures (sops) or sate work practices or provoking appropriate training, instruction or information. Personal Protective Equip. The provision and use of personal protective equipment could include using gloves, glasses, earmuffs, aprons, safety footwear, dust masks. (2 marks) Part B – Project You have now owned the above business for 1 year, and have decided it is time to improve your WASH policies 1.

What would you include in a WASH induction and (5 marks) It is useful to start with an WASH Induction Policy, a training program? Procedure outlining how induction will be implemented within the organization, and a Checklist for Managers/ Supervisors to use during the Induction Process. The Policy and Procedure will need to be written by the organization, which could be modified to suit each organization. The literacy and language of inductees should be taken onto account when preparing the induction program.

The contents of an WASH Induction Policy will include: the commitment of the business with respect to providing WASH induction training to employees and others working at the site the responsibilities of various people within the business who will provide the WASH induction training, such as managers and supervisors resources which may be needed for the WASH induction program (egg time, information) signature of senior management, and a date of commencement of the policy. 2. Develop a system for WASH reconsidering. Include what records you would pep, and for how long. Origination ‘s WASH Policy and objectives (4 marks) sets out the establishes procedures to give effect to the WASH Policy and objectives assesses and reviews the effectiveness of the procedures adopted achieves conformance with the organization ‘s WASH Policy and objectives demonstrates conformance internally and externally (certification) The records should be kept for the entire life of the organization, in order to keep on track it’s improvements and conformist’s. 3. Devise a method to measure and evaluate your WASH management system. (3 marks)

The measurement and evaluation stage checks that the system is operating effectively. Activities include workplace inspections, testing of equipment (e. G. Machine guards), incident management and auditing. It helps to capture findings from incident and inspections and improve systems. It will be measured by number of accidents or injuries, percentage of identified hazards that have been auctioned, employers training etc. 4. Despite repeated warnings about the dangers of leaving boxes of stock in aisles, staff members continue to do it. What improvement could you make to your WHO’S to solve this problem? Marks) Every week an inspection will be made and a report created. For each non- conformity found, such as boxes left on site, the responsible staff will be auctioned and an divergence will take place. It is important to monitor and keep the procedures control up to dated. If that not happen, the staff will keep leaving boxes of stock in aisles because for their thought, it does not matter if the boxes are in the aisles or not. So, monitoring and reporting it make them think how important is to keep the Doses In place Ana want ten rolls Ks are to Lock alleles In case AT emergency.

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