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Domestic slave trade augmented westward movement. After 1808 legalization of Atlantic slave trade and interstate trade between increasingly profitable. From reading it made me come to an understanding that slaves was a product. They was sold by business firms, lottery and by slave trading firms. Also slaves gathered in pens for direct shipment to New Orleans or for resale to other long distance traders. This was ended by the Congressional action in the sass. Capitalist enterprise was mentioned and how slave trade was financially driven. Families separated because slaves brought higher prices when sold individually.

What I found interesting was that prices of slaves responded to market factors. As the demand increased, so did the price of slaves, after the financial prices and demand slumped. Slaves code was talked about and how the passage of slave codes accompanied expansion of slavery. Laws were made stricter in this time in response to insurrections. Slaves codes showed that slaves were not people but property. On the plantation, in 1860 % of white people in the south did own slaves. In chapter 8 started out with freedom ‘s boundaries. Many states passed laws barring on migration of free blacks.

Whites feared that free slaves would threaten slavery; desire to limit black population. Alexis De Destructive was paradox of racial intolerance in states where slavery never existed. Despite laws and cultural hostility, free blacks population grew a lot in the Midwest. Blacks continued to head west in search of economic opportunity. Educational opportunities were available for blacks in the north. In 1855, in Massachusetts legislature prohibited segregated schools. In the south, it was much harder for blacks to get education. No pubic school, even for white children. Business By missionary

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