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The soft, golden cascades of sand stretched across the horizon meeting halfway with the heavens. The turquoise waters like a glistening mirror, reflecting the white candyfloss clouds that lazily and sleepily hung in mid air. Against the blueness of the sky, the sun beamed its gracious rays upon the serene surroundings of Gods creation. In the distance tourist could be seen jostling, trying to capture the first pictures of the towering Burj-el-arab which stood majestically towering over the landscapes that stretched for miles on end.

Children screaming, splashing water to their hearts content. Their parents keeping a watchful eye while soaking the warm rays from the September sun. A gentle breeze caressed the landscape sweeping its weak grains of sand that looked like dancing fairies. That afternoon on the sixteenth of September time stood still. Four pm the whole landscape and its inhabitants seemed to have fallen into a deep hypnotic sleep. And whilst all appeared as quiet as quiet can be, a massive formation of clouds rolled in from the west like an army ready for battle.

Not a wink, not a bird, not even an insect felt this light change, but on the huge glass panels of Burj-el-arab the cumulus was sucking every glint of light, replacing it with a deep, dark depression. Far away on the hills overlooking the fast changing landscape, a sharp shadow approached the hill top through the thorny bushes. He was intriguing. A tall, masculine figure gazing motionlessly out to sea. His eyes like hazel crystals reflecting the galloping waves beneath. The breeze was a slap of harsh reality against his tender, rosy cheeks.

One by one, the wind raced through the strands of glistening hair that calmly lat at a one hundred and sixty five degree angle across his soft forehead. There was a vibrant calmness in the atmosphere. His sun kissed tan was a sheet of velvet coating adding the final touch to his exquisiteness. There was a sudden sense of fluster in the air. Seagulls screeched with anxiety swooping low in the sky like bits of old newspaper been thrown across the path of a violent tornado. Shingles of sand plunging rapidly in all directions.

The dogs howling, scurrying along, seeking for higher grounds, reaching for the skies and beyond. What was everyone and everything running from? There wasn’t a sound to be heard, nothing, the air still as the mountain rocks. Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! The constant resonance, echoed across the empty, damp charcoal skies. Just when he thought that this was bad enough, there was worse to come. As the heavens darkened, and the day turned savagely and abruptly into night, a front of clouds was rolling over the horizon. It looked no less threatening than a tsunami or even one of the twin towers collapsing on its self.

In fact, these disasters looked even less significant than what was about to happen with this oncoming, impending doom. A great herd of wild, white snow horses trampling one over the other, appeared to march in sucking everything in their wake. Through his petrified eyes, one could see the miles of rolling whiteness, like pillars of smoke, towering infectiously spreading across the landscape like a cancer. The seagulls that were closest to this imminent wave were suddenly frozen in midair, dropping on the ground from heights and smashing into thousands of pieces like fragile porcelain figures.

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