Bullying in Our Society

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Bullying is nothing new in society. The first portrayal of bullying in literary work was Oliver Twist, which was written by Charles Dickens in 1838. Bullying is a very destructive and well-overlooked psychological weapon that is a major issue in this world today, especially amongst the youth. Bullying can be described as verbal, physical, or social behavior that involves the wrong use or abuse of one’s power upon an individual. So, what is it that leads a person to bullying in the first place? What is the hidden underlying issue at hand?

It is called fear. The human race is filled with a history of individuals such as Adolf Hitler and in a biblical sense the Pharaoh of Egypt who wanted to suppress, oppress, and depress those of whom they believed to be of great potential. Adolf Hitler and the Pharaoh of Egypt were two individuals, who were impeccably driven and tormented internally by fear; but fear of what? The fear of what they did not understand or could not control. Bullying has been a critical issue within the public school system, however lately it has become quite an epidemic.

A prime example and wake- up call was the bombing and shooting that happened on April 20th 1999 at Columbine High School where two teenage boys who were relentlessly bullied, committed a heart wrenching massacre of their peers. In case of Trayvon Martin, Trayvon was on his way walking back to his father’s girlfriend house after coming back from the corner store before the game came on. He was carrying a bag of skittles and an Arizona Ice Tea for his little brother. As Trayvon walked back home, he was speaking to his girlfriend on the phone from Miami, Florida on his hands-free earpiece on his cellphone he often used.

He was than spotted by George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watch volunteer, who was patrolling the gated community, The Retreat at Twin Lakes. Zimmerman called the Police to report that Traven looked suspicious, he started telling the dispatch that Traven looked like he was up to no good, and he look like he was on drugs on something. Zimmerman was warned by the dispatch not to follow Trayvon and Zimmerman did anyway; they started pushing each other than Zimmerman ultimately killed Trayvon.

Many students unfortunately are taking their own lives because of how bullying attacks and slowly destroys a person’s self-esteem. Students are being harassed physically, mentally, and emotionally through different forms such as verbal threats. This proves and demonstrates that bullying can have long-term psychological and emotional effects on the people who are impacted by it. Bullying is very unacceptable and there are many things that can be done to prevent bullying along with its damaging effects within our society.

The very first step I believe would be to be proactive and create an on-going awareness moralistic structure within the school system that exposes bullying. This type of awareness within the school system should be one that describes what bullying really is, that lists the signs of one being bullied, as well as the one who is the bully, and that explains the nature of why children engage in being a bully. There are some middle schools that implement suspension and even warrant arrests to address bullying.

It has been suggested by education officials that walking away instead of engaging with an individual who possess a bullying attitude proves that you are the more mature party in the situation, and that you do not want things to escalate. On the other hand it is quite obvious that there is not enough that is being done to prevent bullying and the damage that bullying is causing in America, especially upon the youth. I have a friend that has been a victim of bullying. I have learned and seen first-hand how bullying can have long-term psychological effects on the person who is involved.

My friend experienced the emotional trauma of bullying for years while attending middle school. I witnessed her go through the destruction of her self-esteem so much so that I felt like I was the victim as well. Over the years things changed, she got older, and slowly got through it; but I know her pain still remains. For this reason I do not agree with bullying in any way, shape or form. It ruins the thoughts, feeling, and decisions of our young people every day; therefore impacting their lives and more, their future.

Bullying to me is a crime that can have a serious effect on any individual. It can make someone feel like they have been robbed of their self-worth, value, esteem, and identity. Some adults still get very teary eyed when they recall the days of being bullied by someone in their class. Interesting enough, isn’t it funny how bullies for the most part don’t operate alone? They like to operate in groups, which only gives them the false sense of the security that they seek. This security, although false in nature, aids a bully along the way in gaining more victims and popularity for themselves.

I remember this old saying that everybody use to say, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me”. This saying is so very far from reality because name-calling can hurt anyone’s feelings, even the strongest person among us. Bullying starts for much reason due to jealousy. Bullies harass the victim or terrorize the victim to try to pull the victim’s self-esteem down and makes the victim feel like the bully is will not cease attacking their insecurities until things happens such as even tragic death or violence.

People do not see that bullying has a big effect on their actions and they do not realize how they do others. Bullies do understand what they are doing to people. As I mentioned earlier, those who bully children and adults know that they are wrong. Bullying is very common in our society today and the bullies will not go to jail as our judicial system try to find other alternative to prevent them from going to jail . Those who bully others should be required to do community service, go to therapy or go visit a prison.

I believe schools needs to address these problems because they will not go away on its own. School official should look at the facts of the case, and then take action. The bullying needs to end. Bullying, to me, is a criminal act. Bullies threaten, harass, use physical or verbal abuse on their victims. We need to stand up to these bullies. Bullies need to face consequences for every action, like some type of punishment or therapy.

If we take some bullies to the jail house to show them how rough the jail house life could turn out if they continue to bully people around they may change their mind about the choices they make. In my conclusion, I believe the strategy of a bully is to gain an advantage by attacking the insecurities of a person because a bully knows that nobody likes to feel inferior or less than another individual. In my personal opinion, I believe that bullying should be a criminal offense. I believe that within our justice system there needs to be consequences implemented for bullying someone.

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