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Brooke Bond is one of the most promising and profiteering brands under Hindustan Lever which enjoys the reputation of being the largest Indian tea brand since 1869. India has many Brooke Bond tea lovers and the rate of tea consumption in the Indian market has always been high. It has been estimated that nearly 500 million households in India prefer Brooke Bond Tea Products to any other brand. As history relates, Brook Bond Company was named after its founder, Arthur Brooke. In addition to India, Brooke Bond also enjoys good demand in other countries such as Pakistan.

There Brooke Bond Supreme is a major tea brand. Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, Brooke Bond Red Label, Brooke Bond Taaza and Brooke Bond 3 Roses are the most popular products under this brand. Brooke Bond 3 Roses which is the leading tea brand of South India, launched ‘Brooke Bond 3 Roses Natural Care’. All the products that have been launched by Brooke Bond have been the result of carefully conducted research and experiments between the Brooke Bond Tea Excellence Centre which is situated in Kolkata and the research centre in Bangalore.

Brooke Bond launches Natural Care tea South India’s favourite brand of tea, Brooke Bond 3 Roses, has introduced a unique flavoured tea called ‘Brooke Bond 3 Roses Natural Care’ in Chennai. The offering is a tea with its goodness enhanced by the addition of the natural flavours of ginger, ashwaghandha, adhimadhuram (licorice), ellakai (cardamom) and tulsi. With this launch, India’s leading tea brand creates a new segment within beverages, targeted at families seeking wellness in their daily lives.

Since the launch of Brooke Bond in 1869, it has been India’s single largest tea brand touching millions of consumers with a range of tea offerings appealing to the diverse preferences in the country. The Brooke Bond portfolio has over 30 per cent share in the packet tea category, and in Tamil Nadu, is the market leader with over 54 per cent market share led by Brooke Bond 3 Roses. Brooke Bond is thus 50 per cent bigger than its nearest competitor, and can truly be called the ‘leader’ of the packet tea category in India.

As the market leader, Brooke Bond has led innovations in the category in India, for example, innovative formats and packaging such as tea bags and vacuum packaging. Speaking at the launch, Anand Ramachandran – marketing manager, Brooke Bond, said, “Our aim has been to provide a unique and relevant product to make a real difference to consumers’ lives. Tea itself is known for its myriad benefits, and the addition of these five natural flavours makes the cup even more full of goodness, not to mentjon pleasant to taste – that’s why we call it the ‘Anbin Kalavai – Aarogyatudan’ – a truly innovative offering.

The Brooke Bond Tea Excellence center in Kolkata worked closely with the research centre in Bangalore for the development of this product. They researched the five natural flavours and concluded that they worked well as a combination in this flavoured tea because they contain those that are familiar (cardamom, ginger, tulsi) as well as those which are not usually accessible in the kitchen in day-to-day life now (ashwagandha, adhimadhuram).

A major criterion in the selection process of these natural flavours was the perceived fit with tea, and the end result is a unique product, which is healthy, as well as tasty, said Anand. The flavoured tea will be available in two pack sizes – a main pack of 250 gm for Rs 57, and a 100 gm pack for Rs 25. Brooke Bond, the 130-year-old brand from Hindustan Lever Limited, aims to become a Rs 1,000 crore-mega brand in India, reaching out to over 500 million consumers across the country.

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