Brisson of Greenwich Sets New Diving Record

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Connor Brisson, a senior at Greenwish High School, set a new record on his way to victory at the Fairfield County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (FCIAC) diving championship, boys’ division, at Westhill High School in Stamford Wednesday night.

Brisson amassed 529.6 points, a new record over the previous 486.66 set way back in 1986, which set a smile on the face of Kevin Thompson, his diving coach.

After one of Brisson’s dives, Thompson was seen putting his arms in the air.

Dan Schott, a senior at Wilton High School, trailed behind Brisson with 407.55. Jake Bowtell of Darien followed close with 399.15 points.

Schott apparently performed his best diving stunts right where it mattered the most, having been locked in a tight fight for second place with Bowtell. Schott’s three solid dives helped him hold off Bowtell and end up in second place.

“My coach and I set up the last three dives knowing that I would hit those dives,” he said, referring to coach Joe Somma.

He described his best dives as being at the start and end of the meet.

Interestingly, Schott actually held the lead after the second round prior to Brisson gaining the lead after the third. Apparently, Schott fell down to fourth following the sixth round before managing to make his way back to the top.

At second place, he gave 17 points to the Wilton boys’ swim team.

The top three contenders, along with fourth-placer Sean Burston of Westhill-Stamford, garnered All-American consideration with their final scores.

The competition was attended by Paul Lenihan of Easton. He was a top-diver for Westhill High School way back in 1980, having held a regular season record that year. He was reported as saying that he was rooting for all the divers as he watched each one fly through the air and hit the water in utmost style.

Meanwhile, Westhill-Stamford collected 41 points and took a minimal eight-point win over Greenwich going into Thursday’s swimming component of the competition. Sean Burston led the Vikings in fourth place, at 385.3 points, followed by Rob Katz in sixth place with 304.65, and Lauren Cunningham at 10th place with 278.05.

Darien will be heading to Thursday’s competition with 21 points.

Brisson recently announced that he would be going to Indiana University, and was ranked second in last year’s meet to Mark Connell, a former teammate who now goes to Princeton.

Thursday’s finals will be Greenwich’s chance for a fourth consecutive championship, and the players will thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

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