Brad Haddin Shrugs Off Rumors of Match Fixing in Australia’s Victory

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Following the Pakistan case of spot-fixing, the World Cup appears tainted with a tense environment of suspicion anytime anything unusual happens.

Australian wicketkeeper Brad Haddin reportedly laughed off insinuations of match-fixing following an Indian press report of the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) of the International Cricket Council (ICC) investigating Australia for its sluggish start in its match against Zimbabwe.

Australia scored a minimal five runs in two overs and 28 in 10 but wound up winning with a score of 262. Apparently, Haddin and Shane Watson, his opening partner, scored the first five runs, and later on the defending champions managed to expand its victory to 91 runs.

Haddin called it a “joke.”

Australian team manager Steve Bernard also agreed that it was the silliest thing he had heard this week.

He explained that he had just heard the story recently and he was not sure how to respond, except to say that it was the most ludicrous thing he had ever heard in his life.

He found it funny that anyone would consider a five for naught following two overs as something suspect.

The sluggish start that Pakistan had in its match against Kenya may be largely to blame for the cloud of suspicion hovering over the World Cup. It later resulted in the ban of three players from Pakistan, and the ICC ACSU has become more vigilant about the World Cup matches.

Apparently, the weak start by the Australian caused their eyebrows to shoot up.

Haddin shrugged off the concerns, though, and pointed out that the ICC ACSU had not made any moves to get in touch with the team.

“We just got off the mark a bit slowly.”

Meanwhile, Mahela Jayawardene, batman for Sri Lanka, said yesterday that he was contemplating taking legal action against a Sri Lankan TV station for claiming he had match fixed the loss to Pakistan.

In fact, sources indicated that the ICC had initiated a quiet investigation of the match following questions about the slow start done by Haddin and Watson.

Ian Chappell, former Australia Test captain indicated that it was good that Australia was being investigated, as he believed there was not enough being done to curb spot-fixing in cricket.

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