Boston Bruins Brings Home the 2011 Stanley Cup

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After thirty-nine years, the Boston Bruins is finally taking a sip from the Stanley Cup after winning over the Vancouver Canucks at 4-0 in the evening of Wednesday, June 15 at the Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia. Tim Thomas, the Bruins’ goaltender cannot hide his thirst.

Early that night, even though the Boston Bruins and their superb goalie popped into an unfriendly ice rink full of Canuck fans, they still went out as champions. Thanks to Tim Thomas’ 37 saves counted as the second shutout in his remarkable play on the finals, as well as Patrice Bergeron’s and Brad Marchand’s 2 scoring goals each, the Vancouver Canucks was not given the chance to score. This is a much-awaited Bruins’ victory since 1972.

In an interview with Thomas, he said, “I think I went even further than I thought,” admitting that he had never imagined three Game 7s in the same playoff series and still managing to come out on top.

True enough, Thomas did more than that. He was able to quiet the highest scoring team of the NHL, wipe out Bruins playoff slip-ups for almost the past 4 decades and crush the championship dreams of the whole city of Vancouver. On the other hand, Bergeron started the scoring series on the first period and followed it with a short-hand shot on the second. These shots totally took the chances of the Canucks to take home the coveted Holy Grail after 41 years of trying.

Their star goaltender Roberto Luongo was unsuccessful in matching the performance of Thomas with the former not being able to defend a total of 18 goals in the final 5 games of the season. In contrast, Thomas allowed the Canucks only 8 goals out of 7 amazing games during the finals, leaving the Vancouver team score-less in 2 games of the last 4.

Thomas commented that all the hard work they’d done seemed to have finally paid off. He then added that since it was the last series, they did not “save anything.”

The Boston Bruins are the NHL’s first team ever to be successful in a Game 7, 3 times in the same post season. They prevailed on the ice after being fired up by what happened to Nathan Horton, the team’s forward who suffered a concussion during the third game which permanently altered the energy of the series.

Nathan Horton came to watch the seventh game to show his support to his teammates. He poured some Boston water on their bench an hour and a half before the warm up period. When they won, he put on his skates and went down to the rink to join the merriment with a celebratory turn while carrying the Cup on top of his head. Horton was unable to finish the series after suffering a concussion when he received a huge hit from Canucks’ Aaron Rome. The Bruins was challenged to make 4 wins out of 5 games after the incident.

Character, strength and persistence are traits that helped the Boston Bruins win a much-deserved title. It will take some time for the fans in Vancouver to get over the party the B’s has ruined.

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