BMX Riding Styles

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Every BMX rider has a style, and only the best are capable of being great in multiple different styles. That’s why if you’re a beginning BMX racer, you’re probably going to have to pick a style to focus on. If you practice in multiple different styles, you may get pretty good at them, but you’re probably not going to become one of the greats unless you specialize on one. Think about your riding style and what you consider to be most fun, and choose from one of these four categories.


If you like to go as fast as possible and have no fear of speed, then racing style is the one for you. Going fast seems easy enough, but getting really good at racing style requires lots of practice and training. You also have to stay fit to make sure that you can get yourself to top speeds and that you won’t be slowing yourself down with extra body weight. One of the hardest parts about becoming a racing biker is finding places to practice. You need wide, long stretches to get going really fast, and this usually isn’t safe on the public streets. But if you can find a good place to practice, you’re all set.


Flatland is perhaps the most prohibitive BMX style, since it’s not glamorous at first and it’s very hard to learn. It basically involves doing tricks without the aid of jumps, obstacles, ledges, or hills. It’s just you and your bike in a wide-open arena. If you’re interested in being technically challenged, or if you don’t have any nice tracks to practice on, this may be the style for you.


If you have an urban spot where it’s safe to practice for hours and where there are plenty of ledges and obstacles to use for jumps and tricks, then street riding might be perfect. This is usually the preferred style for anyone who lives in a big city and doesn’t have much access to racing parks or dirt tracks. Street riders make do with what they have.

Dirt riding

Dirt riding is probably the most popular BMX riding style, and it’s the one that tends to get all the attention from non-BMX riders. To be a dirt rider, you have to be tough and daring. No fear is allowed. You also have to be willing to practice your tricks and flips for hours at a time. The more you practice and the less fear you have, the further you’ll go as a dirt rider.

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