Blood Wedding

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For this piece of coursework I choose to write about Act one scene one. I choose this particular scene because it is the beginning, of the drama, which takes place. I think this scene is interesting because this is when the mother speaks out about violence. I will imagine my scene to be set in a very gloomy place where it is dark and there is a fair bit of light around. My colours on stage, which I would use, would be black and white and Grey. I am trying to convince the audience how women’s lives were ruined when their partners died in 1920s.

I want the audience to feel for women who had to suffer during the 1920s in Spain, because if a women’s partner died she would have to remain a widow for the rest of their lives, and so they lives would change dramatically. In my scene I have three characters which are the mother, neighbor and the bridegroom. I would say that in this scene the mother is the main character, she a very thinking person who is worried about her son bridegroom. While the bridegroom is a more of a calm character and likes to take situations in easy ways.

The neibour is a character who mostly likes to gossip often about her son and likes to find out information. The mother is worried about her son because she doesn’t want the same thing, which happened to her husband occurring again to her son bridegroom. The mother is feeling this way because she has only got her one and only son left, and doesn’t want to lose him. The mother uses the phrases ” the knife, the knife… damn all of them and the scoundrel who invented them”. This means that the mother is afraid of knifes and also she hates knifes and things which can kill someone.

However she cannot speak out her emotions and feelings, because in Spain in the 1920s it would have been considered as careless and improper conduct. My set is going to be symbolic. My set will have symbols on the wall, representing things. For example in the kitchen it will have knifes meaning violence. In my play I will have tables knife and items to representing violence. I am trying to tell the audience that my scene is set in a scary place and my characters do a lot of violence.

My lighting is going to be shadowy with different types of pictures like big pictures of shadows. I am trying to tell the audience that my scene is based in a scary place. In my scene my sound effects will be of owls because they represent the type of noise which will fright someone. Also there would be smoke going up this will make effect on visual images because it will be harder to see. I am trying to persuade my audience that sounds; light smoke and effects, which are created, make a change to how the play is made.

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