Bladerunner and Brave New World

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The movie Bladerunner directed by Scott Ridley and the novel Brave New World by Aldus Huxley, both have futuristic worlds. Although there are many differences in the setting, social issues, the features of the worlds and what conflicts the main characters face, the one common theme in both worlds is science and how it controls and determines peoples lives.

In Bladerunner the setting is in a non – perfect world. We can see a lot of pollution and an unhygienic city this symbolizes darkness. It is a world where people don’t care about their environment but only their social status and ones genetic perfection. Human cloning is constantly being used to create replicants who are genetically perfect humans that are perfected to do work that ‘normal’ human beings are not perfectly suitable to do in other planets. These replicants have a use by date of 4 years and do not have any feelings.

Cloning is misused quite a lot in this world as it creates humans with no feelings to face humans with feelings, although this was not intended. But the actual fact that the replicants do go onto earth supports the risks and dangers of cloning, as they are not compatible with the rest of the world. The replicants are therefore hunted by Bladerunners who have to kill replicants that are on earth.

The main character Deckard a bladerunner has the conflict that he can’t do what his feelings, morals, opinions and beliefs tell him he just follows instructions e.g. hunts down replicants. This is unlike the replicants who do what their will wants them to do. Like the people in Brave New World the fact that Deckard and most of the non-genetically modified world cannot do what their will tells them to do they to are slaves.

Bladerunner is a movie, which makes us aware of what the future might be like by invoking its past. It is revealed to us that few of the remaining creatures in this world are natural. Most are replicants created by the Tyrell Corporation. We also see that there are hardly any trees or plants just the polluted city. The movie makes interesting points about how we are currently destroying our natural habitat, pollution of the atmosphere and how we are getting overpopulated. These are current problems that we have today and if you think about it the same problems that we have today are presented to us in extreme forms in Bladerunner. This could also be a reason why we see many advertisements in the film about inter planetary living.

Bladerunner seems to have a government much like ours today. It supports capitalism, and this is clearly shown by the existence of the Tyrell Corporation.

The novel Brave New World is also quite similar to Bladerunner, but it is set in a perfect world, were the atmosphere is clean. All surroundings are very clean and sterile. Brave New World mainly focuses on the scientific advancement of people, mass production and the consumption of products. It is based on three rules Community, Stability and Unity. The main figure presented in the novel is ‘Ford’ being the first invention that became the first mass production in the whole world.

Brave New World is a very controlled world. Unlike Bladerunner it is a non-capitalistic world that separates people into social classes by natural selection. It is controlled by a one-world government, which strips people from their freedom. What makes this fictional novel different from other fictional novels is that not only does the society live under a totalitarian government, but it also embraces it like mindless robots. Unlike Bladerunner Soma instead of guns is the preferred weapon for the leaders of the World to control their people with. The world leaders realized that fear and intimidation have only limited power, as these build up resentment in the minds of the people. Subliminal seduction, Boskonskification, sleep treatment and cloning appear to have no side effects. With all of these tactics working in conjunction with each other, almost all problems before Ford have been wiped out of the minds of the people.

The character Bernard suffers throughout the book, being caught between both the World State and the Savage Reservation. Although he has been conditioned to live in a world state, he is constantly looking for freedom. He sees this freedom in John the Savage and envies him for possessing the inner happiness that Bernard’s society outlaws. Bernard’s character in this novel is an example of struggle between freedom and slavery. This novel clearly outlines that a genuine free life requires suffering and pain. People without suffering are people without soul. Unlike Bladerunner, Huxley’s future describes a world without pain and a world without soul.

My personal opinion on the main theme of human cloning is that it should not take place in out society neither now nor in the future. Being from a Christian religious background I strongly believe that the fate of a human should be left in the hands of God.

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