Black Adder Goes Forth

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In this essay I am going to write about the final episode of black adder goes forth, how it follows the conventions of sitcom, also how it differs from what we expect. In this episode black adder tries his best not to go over the top, but it does not work, near the end; the viewers believe that black adder is the only one of them that is worried about going over the top, as it is ‘the big push’. But black adder is not the only one worried, as all four of them in trenches reveal that they are all scared too.

Black adder goes forth follows many conventions of sitcom but has a twist at the end. In the end they all die. This has a serious message and I think it is very powerful, the truth about war, and what it was really like in the trenches. Black adder goes forth has many typical sitcom conventions, for example there are many characters that are stereotypical, such as; sarcastic, black adder uses this a lot, especially to Baldrick.

Also characters and the general comedy of it all. Another tone of voice used a lot s happy, like when Baldrick said, It was the first time I felt really popular! ” It made Baldrick feel really happy and the viewers happy for him. It was also very funny on the viewers, as Baldrick gave the impression of being miserable, but cheerful and having a big grin on his face. There are also many effects on the viewer throughout the film. Funny effects like; Baldrick, “It is mud, we ran out of coffee thirteen months ago! ” This was very funny on the viewers, but black adder was very shocked! Also when black adder answered the phone, he said, Hello, the Somme public baths! ”

This is serious as it puts across what it actually felt like in the trenches, dirty smelly and like a public bath! However, there are also many things that differ from a normal sitcom. There is a lot of humour; it is used for diffusing serious situations. Also there is a lot of irony used, like near the end, black adder mentions, “The great war, 1914 – 1917. ” When it actually finished in 1918! This is very different unlike many previous episodes, as they all start and finish the same, in the trenches.

Whereas the final episode of black adder goes forth, they all die. It is also very different to other sitcoms like only fools and horses. In one episode, they discover an old watch they had in their garage, and sell it for i?? 6. 2million! But in the end they lose it all. Black adder goes forth, they lose something too, but valuable, their lives. George realises most of his friends are dead and Baldrick thought war would be fun, but obviously it wasn’t!

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