Billiards – The Game And Its Types

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Billiards sports are also known by another name that is, cues sports. This sport involves a wide variety of games and skills. The use of primarily cue sticks for striking the billiard balls is a basic here. The objective of ensuring a strike of the balls with the stick is to facilitate their movement on the billiards table which is generally covered by a cloth. The use of rubber cushions is generally made in order to bind this billiards table.

In the earlier times, Billiard was used as an umbrella term for the various sports of the similar type. However, with time, evolution has taken place and specific games are now called by specific names. However, broadly speaking, billiards may still be used as a kind of generic term for the related games. There are different meanings that have been associated with this term in different countries. Thus, in UK and Australia, this term is mainly used to define the game of English billiards; while in America and Canada, the term is used to describe a complete category or a class of games put together. Thus, in these countries, Billiards can be referred to as the broad term that is used to cover all the cue games in general.

The three main types of Billiards or cue sports are Carom Billiards, Pool and Snooker. Carom Billiards may be described as those games that are generally played on the tables not having any kind of pockets. Some of the examples of this type include artistic billiards, balk line and straight rail, three-cushion billiards, cushion caroms, and others.

Pool is the second type of cue games which is played on a table which has well defined six pockets. The common examples of Pool are one-pocket, bank pool, eight-ball, nine-ball, and others. The third type of cue games is Snooker. It can be technically described as a billiards game of pocket type. It has been classified primarily because this game has a divergence from the other forms of games. Additionally, there is a separate culture that is associated with this game. Also, a specific terminology is generally used to describe the specifications in this game.

There are several other sub-types of billiards games or cue games. They are differentiated from each other because of the type of targets and obstacles used in each. There are other table-top games wherein the use of disks is made in place of balls.
One of the sub-types of cue games is the Three-Cushion Billiards. The other name that is also used to describe this game is Three-Cushion Carom. The level of this game is very high and it has been rather identified as a very difficult game. The popularity of this game is most well-known in certain parts of Asia, Europe and Latin America. There are synchronized rules and regulations that are used to control this game.

Billiards is thus a similar connotation that is generally used for a wide variety of games and there are several types and sub-types based on the specifications, targets and obstacles that are used while playing the game..

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