Billiards – The Equipment Involved

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There is different equipment involved in Billiards sport. The prime equipment is billiard balls, tables, cloth, rack, cue, and others.

There are different sizes in which the billiard balls are available. These vary depending upon one game to another and they also vary in their quality as well as in the designs and their sizes. The size of the balls that are used in carrom billiards is generally larger than those used in pool. The balls used in carrom billiards are generally available in a set of two cue balls. One of these balls is generally colored in nature while the other one is marked. In addition to the set of cue balls, an object ball is also used for the purpose of playing the game. In order to ensure that the balls do not get mixed up, the racking for the different balls meant for different games is ensured separately. The use of different materials is made for manufacturing the different billiard balls. These materials include crystallite, ivory, plastic, bakelite, steel and wood, and others.

The second important equipment in the sports of Billiards is Tables. The tables for Billiards are available in different sizes and also in different styles. Under most of the circumstances, the shape of these tables is rectangular in nature. Thus, the length of these tables should be two times of their total width. Most of the tables that are used for pool are generally 7, 8 or 9 feel in their length. The tables that are having the longest length are the English Billiards table and the Full-size snooker table. Most of the times, the space that is available while installing a billiards table will be actually one of the deciding factors in determining the size of these tables.

These tables are then covered with a cloth. This cloth is either made up of woven wool or of a nylon blend fabric. The use of a more durable cloth is made in case of the bar table as a lot of play is generally played there. This cloth is slower in nature. Whereas, the cloth that is used to cover the billiards tables installed in homes is faster to wear and tear in nature or less durable. The tables that are particularly used for the purpose of billiards competitions generally make use of the table cloth that is of competition quality and thus the material used in making this cloth is worsted wool to 100 per cent extent. The color that has been used since then is green. This is primarily indicative of the actual origin of the game in the 16th century. The other colors in which also the cloth is produced are red and blue.

A rack may be described as a frame like structure that is primarily used to organize the different balls that are used in the game. The use of different materials is made in order to manufacture this rack. These materials are plastic, aluminum and wood. Most of the times, the shape of this rack is triangular.

The sticks which are used to strike the balls in the game of Billiards are known as cues. The bridge that is useful for the cue sticks to slide on it is termed as the mechanical bridge.

Knowing these primary things about billiards will help us understand the game even more.

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