Billiard Games – The Main Varieties

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As a sport, there are several varieties of Billiards. However, the two main varieties that exist Carom and Pocket. The most common types of carom billiard are three cushion billiards, balkline billiards, straight billiards, and others. The characteristic of the different carom billiard games is that all of these are played on a table which is actually pocket less in nature. The use of generally two cue balls and one object ball are required in these games. Thus a total of three balls are used to play these games.

The players which are participating in these will generally shoot the cue ball in a manner that it is targeted to make a contact with the cue ball of the opponent and at the same time it is also targeted to make a contact with the object ball.

The second major variety that exists is the pocket games. Some of the examples of the pocket games include snooker, bank pool, eight-ball, one-pocket, nine-ball, and others. The prime objective of the player in games such as the eight- and the nine-ball is to keep ensuring that the various object balls are sunk until he finally gets the money ball. The game called straight pool is also one of the types of the pocket billiards. Though it is one of the most well-known forms, it is losing grounds as far as its popularity is concerned. The prime objective of the different players in the straight pool is to continue sinking the different balls such that they can reach a winning score that has been decided and determined on a prior basis. Racks and racks of balls may be consumed in this game.

Rotation is also a very well-known game and it is closely related to the nine-ball. The prime objective of this game is to ensure to strike the object ball which has the lowest number. However, a combination shots can also be played by pocketing any of the object balls. The different pocketed balls will also be able to add to the score of the player as each of the object balls is numbered which will ensure addition of specific points to the overall score of a player. Snooker can be described as a game wherein the player aims at accumulating a particular score by spotting the different colored balls, especially the red colored balls.

Another form of billiards is straight rail billiards. In this game, the target of the player is to ensure that his cue ball can make a contact with the other two balls and every time he ensures to do the same, he is able to score a point. This has been categorized as a subtle and a difficult game but some players who have been playing this have become skillful within a period of time and thus they are able to ensure that all the balls are gathered in a corner or along the same rail.

So, what variation of billiards is your type?

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