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The big issue, what is it all about? The big issue is a charity that has been set up to help those people unfortunate enough to be left without a home, to hopefully rebuild their lives and to help them help themselves. The big issue has been helping thousands of homeless people across the United Kingdom.

Each and every Big Issue seller is treated the same; when they come to the us, they are given their first batch of the Big Issue magazines for free. It is then up to the individual to decide how they will spend their profits; we can not force them to continue with the Big Issue. But if they decide to put some of their profits towards another batch of magazines, then they can then continue to carry on selling them and begin to start making profits to hopefully go towards some form of accommodation.

It is often not the homeless person’s fault that they have been left without a home, they may have suffered from abuse in the home and had to leave, or perhaps there was a death in their family which has caused them substantial income problems. There are many reasons why the person has been left without home, .So the next time you see a Big issue seller on the street think to yourself for a moment. Then begin to realise that for whatever reason they are homeless, they are now trying to make a mend, and rebuild a life for themselves.

Thankyou very much for listening.

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