Big Fear

In the daily lifetime, there is great deal of fears which are existing inside everyone. Maybe the fear of something unreal or mentally mysterious like ghost, demon, evil forces, characters, height, darkness… or even something substantial such as the fear of spiders, of snakes, rats, dogs, mosquitoes, monkeys or even scared of himself . I have some, you have some, he has some, she has some ,everyone has some ! We all have fears, they are obviously different and individual.

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To me, i have a lot of fear (ghost, my parents, death, loneliness, or the offence with someone… ct) but, the biggest fear that i never ever want to meet is the offence. I don’t want to hate everyone, and i don’t want anyone to hate me, disappointed in me. I detest the revenge, jealousy and cruelty, i love the peace, the forgiveness and the fun. I have to admit that i am a shy boy and i don’t want to put my nose into any Community stuff. I’m sometimes desperately pertinacious, but i am myself and i don’t want anyone to fix my world. But, contrary to your thoughts, i don’t want to have any offence with anyone in life. Life is short and i have to know how to enjoy it right.

Remember time once i forgot to do my homework task and the teacher was disappointed in me, my friend scorned of my face and i was really shameful at that moment. I have lost 2 best friends just because of the offence , lot of people have hated me just because of that dreadful thing. I’ve been so sad and don’t now what to do now. Offence is the effective weapon that can kill many relationships in one word. Therefore, I never dare to make a fuss of anything again, don’t dare to make a mountain out of a mole hill again, and always chew over everything before saying.

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