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This unit of assignment will be based on Primark plc. I have chosen Primark as a case study to get information that will help me to produce a constructive piece of work. In the first part of my assignment I will write about the job roles in Primark business. This include the role of manages, supervisors and employees. To extend this I will look into the responsibilities of each chain of command. To achieve the first assessment objective successfully, I will give a detailed description of the qualities, skills and qualification that are required for each of the mentioned roles.

In addition, I will explain the degree of decision making and problem solving accompanied with each role. Terms and conditions of every role will be described using as much detail as possible. Furthermore training and development opportunities available within the business will also take into account and also conclude the first part of the assignment and describe in depth the way in which motivation is used in the business. I will ensure that a detailed description of the relevant PEST factors in the business will also be provided. Importantly I will illustrate the role and responsibilities using detailed and realistic examples.


The primary objective of this write up is to bring to bear the unique Roles, Responsibilities and key tasks of three strategic corporate players; Manager, Administrative Supervisor and Retail Salesperson and also outline their various distinctive contributions, qualities, skills and qualifications as well as their terms and conditions of employment for a successful operations in Primark. A leader is a person who leads whereas a manager is one who manages. A good place to start is with the basic definitions.

The biggest difference between a leader and a manager is the way in which they motivate people. In life nothing is black or white, everything is a different shade of grey. In the same way a manager can be a leader and vice versa. So, we can have a mixture of both. But my primary focus is not on “Leaders” but on “Managers”. Management or definitions of managers will tell you that they have subordinates. Managers are given some powers by the company and the subordinates have to do as they are told. The incentive for a subordinate to do what the manager says is the reward that is given.

But this chain of command work as a team for a successful business. Every organization needs timely and effective office and administrative support to operate efficiently. Office and administrative support Supervisors and Managers coordinate this support. These workers are employed in virtually every sector of the economy, working in positions as varied as teller supervisor, customer services manager, or shipping and receiving supervisor. Although specific functions of Administrative Supervisors and Managers vary significantly, they share many common duties.

For example, Supervisors perform administrative tasks to ensure that their staffs can work efficiently. Equipment and machinery used in their departments must be in good working order. If they haven’t receive the stuff that thy have order, they will see to it that they get the stuff that they have order. With this brief Introduction of the three different employees within Primark, I will like to elaborate each chain of command and highlight their distinctive roles, responsibilities and key task to gain better perspective and understanding of their functional and relationship in business.

DESCRIBING YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS The company that I am writing about is Primark. Primark is a retail group in the value sector and operates a total of 173 stores in Ireland, where it trades under the Penney’s brand; Spain and the UK. Primark employs in excess of 25,000 people. In GB, in terms of market share, TNS ranks Primark as GB’s second largest clothing retailer by volume and Verdict Research now places Primark as the leading retailer in value clothing.

Primark was voted ‘Best Value High Street Fashion’ by GMTV and ITV viewers. Primark Stores Ltd is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods. Associated British Foods is a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with global sales of  6. 8bn, and 85,000 employees in 43 countries. In the financial year 2006/7, 32 new stores were opened and five smaller stores were closed to give 4. 8 million sq ft of retail selling space. Highlights during the year included the opening of London’s Oxford Street store in April.

This was extremely successful, selling one million items in its first ten days of trading, and attracting considerable media coverage. The 85,000 sq ft Liverpool store was opened in September and was greeted with a similar level of enthusiasm both by customers and media. The new store openings in 2006/7 also included Primark’s second store in Spain. Since the year end, two additional stores have opened in Spain; in Jerez and a further store in Madrid. Primark now has 25 stores trading from over 50,000 sq ft of which eight trades from over 70,000 sq ft.

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