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Colombia has been promoted strategies to attract international investment. Actually, there is an enable regulation for external capital, appropriation policy and labor market flexibility. The regulatory system of Colombia is mix because of the interrelation of public/private law and national and international law. Policies focused on same treatment to national and international investors. At the same time Colombia allows investing in almost all the economy sectors with not previous authorization.

Free Trade Agreements: TTL Canada, TTL European Union, TTL United States Macroeconomic stability fleeted on: 1 . Persistent economic growth above the regional average. 2. Stable inflation and interest rate. Social: Colombia is a democratic society Religion: 92% of the population professes Catholicism or are registered as Catholics. The labor force is one of the most qualified managerial and operational levels. The literacy rate is among the highest in Latin America. Consumption habits: Colombians purchase of necessity during the first part of the year.

By May, when Mother’s Day and Father’s Day arrive, followed by Love and Friendship day consumption starts to be more motivated by taste. Colombians purchase in time of celebrations as degrees, first communions, birthdays and anniversaries which occur mostly in the second half of the year. Colombians workforce is competitive in terms of labor costs. Ability to diversify and exploit different niches. A) 1 city with over 7 million inhabitants. B) 3 cities with over 2 million inhabitants. C) 4 cities with over 500,000 inhabitants. D) 23 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Best Buy pestle- Colombia By laureateship e) Additionally, Colombia NAS the third largest population in million), after Brazil and Mexico. Technological: Latin America ( Colombia has one of the highest percentages of coverage in public services in Latin America and modern telecommunications infrastructure. According to the Global Report CIT(information, communication technologies), Colombia ranked 60 worldwide among 133 nations. Currently the Ministry of CIT is working hard on key issues such as a satellite to Colombia, the Third Channel and spectrum allocation.

At present Colombia is in the process of improving the infrastructure, Internet access, cellular mobile telephony and connectivity. Environmental: Colombia ranks second in biodiversity in the world and is among the 12 mega diverse countries, as an extension of 0. 7% of the planet’s surface, has about 10 percent of the fauna and flora of the Earth, according to the Research Institute of Biological Resources Alexander von Humboldt. Recycling is an alternative to prevent objects such as cables, displays, keyboards, monitors, etc. Are sent to landfills where lactate (the liquid from the garbage) finish mixed with heavy metals, which also jeopardize the ecosystems, they can become a hazard to human health. Colombia, Ewing situated in the Torrid Zone, should have tropical climate, with high temperatures throughout the year. But the combination of a number of factors including its ridges and mountains with the height, give variety of climates that influence the vegetation and fauna. Due to its geographical location, Colombia may represent a strategic entry door South American market.

Legal: On 2005 law 963 was issued. This law looks generate confidence and promote a stable legal environment to international investors. Act 109 of 1985 established the status of free zones, which defines these would aim to promote foreign trade, enervate employment, foreign exchange and serve as centers of industrial development of the regions where it is established. Legal stability contracts, which can last between three and 20 years, depending on the sector, there may be income exemption for 20 years.

Tax deductions on incomes: 1. 200% of the labor payments to disabled employees. 2. 100% of the tax industry, commerce, signs and boards and property taxes as long as they have been paid in taxable respective year and have causal relationship with economic activity of the taxpayer. 3. 25% tax on financial movements. Flexible working arrangements: Colombia has one of the most flexible labor regimes in Latin America. The employer can hire two shifts without overtime pay or night surcharges.

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