Benefit and Costs for Training

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The costs for training the individual at Asda will cost nothing as it will be carried out on the job, meaning what every training the member will get will be done in Asda. The reason for this is that it will not cost at all and the individual will be able to stay on the premises that won’t need to go off some where else. The benefit for doing this training will be so that the member can increase their knowledge by doing it efficiently and also if they have the opportunity to get promoted they could be able to handle a sector in Asda.

The benefit for members to have a training programme is so that they can increase their skills and knowledge in any task they have been specified, also carrying out tasks more efficiently and in a short amount of time. By giving training it helps individuals to cut down on mistakes and blunders made by them. By training it can help health hazards reducing hazards being encountered at the work place.

The costs for having training are the cost of materials which may be needed for the process and also the time needed by the members which will be issuing the programme. For training to be carried out it takes up a great deal of time for the leader as they have to make sure what they are teaching the member is relevant to the programme specified. It is also costly when setting up the resources for using on the training area and time is needed for when doing the training.

Obstacles for Training

Training can be seen in different ways, firstly, the management of the company might see it as a way of making the company more efficient, as well as teaching important skills to employees in order to improve performance. At the same time it can be seen as a way of rewarding hardworking employees with a different environment for a short period of time. On the other hand, employees might look back on their last training session, still trying to work out what exactly it was they learnt from the experience, but nevertheless having enjoyed the change of scenery but hating the pile of work that greeted them on their return.

If training is implemented correctly it can bring back great rewards such as greater workplace efficiency, specialised skills and knowledge as well as employee satisfaction. Finally remember that depending on how training is done, it can be very productive and useful or a complete waste of time and money, it can bring teams together or split them apart.

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