Poem Belonging Feeling

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Belonging can be defined in many ways as there is no exact meaning, though belonging can be defined as a sense of enlightenment felt when an individual gains an understanding of themselves in relation to others and the world around them. The feeling of belonging does depend on a strong relationship between people that has been developed over a period of time either short or long. In the film ‘strictly ballroom’ the director Baz Luhrmann clearly shows how the protagonist’s develop a sense of acceptance towards each other as the film progresses and this allows their relationship to strengthen over time.

Also in the poem ‘wind and window flower’ written by Robert Frost the theme of relationships and depicts the idea of unrequited love. The film ‘strictly ballroom’ shows a love story between Scott and Fran, the film expresses a strong relationship that is formed within a short period of time through both their passion for dancing and the connection they both feel whilst dancing together. Many techniques are used to represent their strong relationship together including the colour red throughout the film.

The colour red depicts that there is love and passion between the two characters Scott and Fran and this is shown in the scene where they are on the roof dancing and there is a large red Coca-Cola sign behind them that is shining very brightly, this emphasises the passion between the two characters that is created through their dancing. Also in this scene the song ‘Time after time’ is playing in the background that represents the theme of relationships and love in the scene at that moment as this scene is the start of their strong relationship.

Secondly, Scott and Fran’s relationship is majorly strengthened through the Paso Doble, this dance represents passion from the heart. The passion can be seen by the audience through Scott and Fran’s serious facial expressions and body posture. The Paso Doble is a dance modelled around the sound, drama and movement of the Spanish and Portuguese bullfights. Scott is taught the Paso Doble by Ya-Ya and Rico and this allows him to get an insight of Fran’s world to get to know her better, through their dancing their sense of belonging together is enhanced. Read about an absolutely ordinary rainbow

In the final scene Scott and Fran individuality is shown through the dance, Paso Doble this shows them dancing against the rules of the dance federation as they take a stand for what they believe in together. Also Scott sees a new side of Fran as she has transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful Swan. The music is stopped but their passion is truly shown when they dance without any music instead just the audience clapping to the rhythm of the Paso Doble, close-up of their feet shows the audience the power of the rhythm and that the Passion for the dance lies in their hearts.

The Poem ‘Wind and window flower’ written by Robert Frost is a love story between people from different worlds. Time is taken by the winter breeze (the one in love) to impress the window flower (beloved). Through the use of techniques such as metaphors, imagery and personification the poet helps the audience understand the true meaning behind the poem. The imagery throughout including when Frost states “She a window flower, and he a winter breeze. ” Allows the reader to imagine the two characters as human beings instead reading it literally.

The quote “but he sighed upon the sill” uses personification to show the reader that the effort is being taken by the one in love to impress the girl although this does not work in the end. The ‘winter breeze’ does not get the chance to feel a sense of belonging through his relationship with the ‘window flower’ as their relationship does not become strong. The difference between the two and the barriers do not allow them to create a strong relationship.

The ‘window flower’ is reluctant as she is unaware of the man’s true intention and therefore she “leaned aside” as said in the poem, because of her insecurity in herself the chance for love passes “found the breeze a hundred miles away”. If the ‘window flower’ gave time and effort both the man and her would be able to feel a sense of belonging towards each other as their relationship would have grown. Though nothing developed between the two as the ‘wind’ was found a long way away from her. In conclusion, a feeling of belonging does depend on a strong relationship, developed over either a short or long period of time.

Many people feel a sense of belonging towards someone they have grown close to and have gotten to know as this creates trust and love for one another. In the film ‘Strictly Ballroom’ directed by Baz Luhrmann the film shows a sense of belonging that the characters felt towards each other. Then in the poem ‘wind and window flower’ written by Robert Frost the man is not shown love and does not get the chance to feel a sense of belonging with the one he loves as their relationship did not grow to be strong. This is shown through the many techniques used by the director and poet themselves to portray their message to the audience.

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